Lindsay Till Hoyt

Lindsay Till Hoyt

Associate Professor of Psychology
Curriculum Vitae

Email: [email protected]

Rose Hill Campus: Dealy Hall, Room 216
Phone: 718-817-5159

Keywords: positive youth development; social determinants of health; health disparities; puberty; adolescent sleep; stress biology; youth participatory action research

Currently accepting students.

Lab: Youth Development, Diversity, and Disparities (3D) Lab

Lab Instagram: @3dyouthresearch

    • 2005 BA in Psychology and Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame
    • 2010 MA in Human Development and Social Policy, Northwestern University
    • 2013 PhD in Human Development and Social Policy, Northwestern University
    • 2013-2015 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars program, University of California at San Francisco and Berkeley
    • Environmentally-sensitive psychobiological systems (i.e., puberty, stress, sleep) that underlie young people’s well-being and inequalities in short- and long-term health
    • Sociopolitical stress
    • Civic engagement
    • Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)
    • Positive youth development
    • PSYC 1200 – Foundations of Psychology
    • PSYC 3100 – Health Psychology
    • PSYC 3510 – Participatory Action Research
    • PSYC 6300 - Developmental Foundations
    • PSYC 8350 – Applied Developmental Psychology Practicum
    • Election Projects
    • The COVID-19 College Study
    • The Hijos Project (NSF)
    • Social Network Analysis of Puberty, Activity Behaviors, and Health Disparities (NIH)
    • See 3D Lab website for more projects and project descriptions
  • * Indicates graduate student mentee.

    *Chaku, N., Hoyt, L.T., & *Barry, K. (2021). Executive functioning profiles in adolescence: Using person-centered approaches to understand heterogeneity. Cognitive Development. In press at Cognitive Development.
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    Suleiman, A.B., Ballard, P.J., Hoyt, L.T., & Ozer, E.J. (2021). Applying a developmental lens to youth-led participatory action research: A critical examination and integration of existing evidence. Youth & Society, 53(1), 26-53. (First published online in 2019.)

    *Yazdani, N., McCallen, L. Hoyt, L.T., & Brown, J. (2021). Predictors of economically disadvantaged vertical transfer students’ academic performance and retention: A scoping review. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice, 15210251211031184.