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Produced at Fordham: Centers, Institutes, Journals, Books, and Oral History Collections

Fordham is a research university vigorously engaged in teaching—the art and science of educating students who are eager and able to shape a just, hope-filled future.

At Fordham, students join a global community of scholars and work closely with faculty on projects designed to build healthy communities and create innovative solutions to our toughest societal challenges.

Explore some of the ways the Fordham community shares its research with the world—engaging the past, serving the present, and forging the future.

Fordham Research Commons

This open-access digital repository, maintained by Fordham University Libraries, showcases the research and intellectual output of Fordham’s diverse community.

Walsh Library

Research Centers and Institutes

At Fordham, more than 50 Research Centers and Institutes drive innovation in business, cybersecurity, global finance, international humanitarian affairs, law, social service, sustainability, and other fields.

ICCS Conference Building 2019

Bronx Oral History Projects

Established in 2002, Fordham’s Bronx African American History Project has become a go-to resource for scholars and students throughout the world. The project archive was digitized in 2015, making its stories fully accessible to the public. In 2016, the University expanded the scope of its Bronx oral history projects to include the Bronx Italian American History Initiative, and 2022 marked the launch of the Bronx Irish History Project and the Bronx Jewish History Project


Research Journals

Our faculty and students publish influential research journals, particularly at Fordham Law School, which is home to top-ranked journals in banking and finance, intellectual property, and public policy.

The Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal - Volume X

Fordham University Press

Since 1907, Fordham University Press has published boundary-breaking books that advance knowledge in the humanities and social sciences. Its Empire State Editions imprint, launched in 2010, specializes in books that highlight the beauty, culture, diversity, and history of New York and the never-ending thirst for information about the global metropolis Fordham calls home.

Empire State Editions and Fordham University Press