Research Compliance


Welcome to Fordham University's research compliance webpage!

Fordham is committed to the responsible and ethical conduct of research. Our policies, procedures, and guidelines have been created to ensure all applicable laws and regulations guiding the responsible and ethical conduct of research are upheld. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

University Research Compliance Council (URCC)

The mission of the Fordham University Research Compliance Council (URCC) is to serve as an advisory resource and a platform for communication to ensure all areas of research compliance (including education and outreach to faculty, staff, and administration) are addressed at the highest standards.

Council Members

Michele Kuchera, URCC Director Institutional Review Board
George Hong Chief Research Officer
Andrew Angelopoulous Research Technologies
Ipsita Banerjee Lab Safety
Daniel Correll Export Control and Intellectual Property
Thomas Daniels Lab Safety
Edward Dubrovsky Radiation Safety
Craig Frank Institutional Biosafety Committee
Geraldo Galiano Facilities Operations
Ibrahim Koroma Grants Accounting & Compliance
Lisa Lancia Export Control
Linda LoSchiavo Intellectual Property/Copyright
Mary M. Tomey Streeto Environmental Compliance and Occupational Safety
Patricio Meneses  Lab Safety
Berish Rubin IACUC
Jeremy Slatken Financial Reporting and Compliance
Faculty Senate President Research Integrity