Institutional Biosafety Committee

    The Fordham University Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) is a research compliance committee that reviews, approves, and provides surveillance of all research protocols involving the use of recombinant DNA/RNA, pathogens infectious to humans, animals, or plants, and federally listed biological select agents/toxins.  All principal investigators (PIs) must secure Fordham IBC approval for their activities with recombinant DNA/RNA, pathogens, or select agents. 

    Fordham IBC approval is obtained by submitting a research protocol application directly to the Fordham IBC using the appropriate IBC protocol application form.  Please note that the Fordham IBC does not review, receive, or evaluate Vertebrate Animal Care and Use Protocols submitted to the Fordham IACUC.  Please also note that the Fordham IACUC protocol forms are different from those used by the Fordham IBC.  In the event that a proposed project involves both vertebrate animals and one or more of the three research areas regulated by the Fordham IBC (recombinant DNA/RNA, pathogens, and/or select agents), then separate (and different) protocols would  have to be submitted to both the Fordham IACUC and the Fordham IBC.

Committee Members

Craig Frank, IBC Chair Biological Sciences
Stephen Holler  Physics
Haruka Minami Psychology
Elizabeth Thrall Chemistry
Qize Wei Biological Sciences
Donald Boyer Non-affiliated member
Joann Casado Non-affiliated member

Pathogenic Agent (human, non-primate, animal, plant) Protocol

Recombinant DNA Protocol 

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