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Members of the University community should respond to the daily VitalCheck prompt at least 30 minutes prior to entering campus.

Types of Jobs

Job Descriptions

Student employment is more than a job. It is an experience which involves a commitment as well as interaction with the Fordham community. Student employees are highly valued by faculty, staff, and students. This hands-on work experience provides a well-rounded education for the student, and also establishes a foundation upon which future employment goals can be built.

Work-Study Opportunities


Typing, filing, xeroxing, answering phones, some computer knowledge helpful, e.g. word processing, data entry, etc.

Community Service

Intern opportunities in various local shelters, health services, public recreational development, neighborhood improvements, tutoring and support services to the disabled and elderly.

Computer Technical Assistant

Assembly and installation of microcomputers for users. Troubleshooting of computer devices on campus.

Computer Assistant

Assist users with various software applications, printing, troubleshooting, documentation.

Desk Assistant

Duties include but are not limited to maintaining sign-in/sign-out sheets and enforcing University visitation/guest policies at the entrance of Rose Hill Residence Halls from 5 - 10:15 p.m. Weekends may be required.

Language Lab

Duplicating audio cassettes, providing video programs, cleaning and maintenance of Language Lab. Will be trained to run all equipment.

Library Aide

Shelves books, provides coverage in reference, circulation and reserve areas. Some weekend and evening shifts may be required.


Requires Training/First Aid/CPR cards. Works at Rose Hill Lombardi Center pool. Must be available some evenings and weekends.

Literacy/Math Tutors (Off-Campus)

Tutor students from grades Pre-K through 6th. All tutoring will be performed in classrooms or other approved areas. Tutors will be trained in tutoring techniques. Must be in good academic standing.

Lombardi Center

Intramural asst. and clerical work at the Rose Hill Campus. Must be available evenings and weekends. Clerical during the daytime.

Media Aide

Set up, operate and deliver A/V equipment on campus and clerical work. Driver’s license required for RH.


Provides desk coverage and meal relief for guards (8-hour shifts). Some weekend and evening shifts may be required. If you have an early morning class, you cannot be considered for an evening shift

Sports Related

Trainers, Team Managers Equipment Room Assistants, and Clerical positions in the Athletic Department. All positions except Clerical require weekend and evenings.

Theatre and Visual Arts

Scene shop, prop asst, costume, photography darkroom asst., Media Lab Asst.

Van Driver

Drives Ram Van between various campuses and properties. Requires valid driver’s license, written DMV test, road test, and physical exam. Must not have more than 1 violation and/or 1 accident. Must be adept at dealing with city traffic. Some weekend and evening shifts may be required.

Non Work-Study Opportunities

The following work opportunities are available to students who did not receive Federal Work-Study as part of their Financial Aid Package.

Rose Hill Campus

  • Fordham Security (Student Aide)**
    • Location: Thebaud Annex
    • Contact: (718) 817-4075
  • The Ram Van (Driver)**
    • Location: Parking Garage Basement
    • Contact: (718) 817-4345
  • Computer Science Department (Grader)
    • Location: John Mulcahy Hall, Room 340
    • Contact: (718) 817-4480
  • Mathematics Department (Grader)
    • Location: John Mulcahy Hall, Room 407
    • Contact: (718) 817-3220
  • Modern Languages Department (Tutor)
    • Location: Faber Hall, Room 553
    • Contact: (718) 817-2651
  • Fordham Bookstore
    • Location: Across from O'Hare Hall
  • Student Deli
    • Location: Queens Court
  • McGinley Center Cafeteria
    • Location: McGinley Center
    • Contact: See Supervisor On Location
  • The Ram Line Telemarketing
    • Location: Student Philanthropy Center, Ground Level of O'Hare Hall
    • Contact: Click¬†here

Lincoln Center Campus

  • Fordham Bookstore
    • Location: Leon Lowenstein Building, 1st Floor
  • Law School Library
    • Location: Fordham School of Law, Lincoln Center Campus
    • Contact: Louise Choate -
  • Law School Computer Lab Help Desk
    • Location: Fordham School of Law, Lincoln Center Campus
    • Contact: Ruben Mendez via Phone: (212) 636-6969 or
  • Fordham Security (Student Aide)**
    • Location: Leon Lowenstein Building Lobby
    • Contact: (212) 636-6076
  • The Ram Van (Driver | Dispatched from Rose Hill)**
    • Location: Parking Garage Basement, Rose Hill Campus
    • Contact: (718) 817-4345
  • Food Services
    • Location: Cafeteria, Lowenstein Building Plaza

**For Ram Van and Security

Please visit the department to see if you can fill available shifts. They will provide you with a referral to complete paperwork with the Office of Student Employment, who you may contact at 718-817-3820.