Types of Jobs

Job Descriptions

Student employment is more than a job. It is an experience which involves a commitment as well as interaction with the Fordham community. Student employees are highly valued by faculty, staff, and students. This hands-on work experience provides a well-rounded education for the student, and also establishes a foundation upon which future employment goals can be built.

Work-Study Opportunities

  • Typing, filing, xeroxing, answering phones, some computer knowledge helpful, e.g. word processing, data entry, etc.

  • Intern opportunities in various local shelters, health services, public recreational development, neighborhood improvements, tutoring and support services to the disabled and elderly.

  • Assembly and installation of microcomputers for users. Troubleshooting of computer devices on campus.

  • Assist users with various software applications, printing, troubleshooting, documentation.

  • Duties include but are not limited to maintaining sign-in/sign-out sheets and enforcing University visitation/guest policies at the entrance of Rose Hill Residence Halls from 5 - 10:15 p.m. Weekends may be required.

  • Duplicating audio cassettes, providing video programs, cleaning and maintenance of Language Lab. Will be trained to run all equipment.

  • Shelves books, provides coverage in reference, circulation and reserve areas. Some weekend and evening shifts may be required.

  • Requires Training/First Aid/CPR cards. Works at Rose Hill Lombardi Center pool. Must be available some evenings and weekends.

  • Tutor students from grades Pre-K through 6th. All tutoring will be performed in classrooms or other approved areas. Tutors will be trained in tutoring techniques. Must be in good academic standing.

  • Intramural asst. and clerical work at the Rose Hill Campus. Must be available evenings and weekends. Clerical during the daytime.

  • Set up, operate and deliver A/V equipment on campus and clerical work. Driver’s license required for RH.

  • Provides desk coverage and meal relief for guards (8-hour shifts). Some weekend and evening shifts may be required. If you have an early morning class, you cannot be considered for an evening shift

  • Trainers, Team Managers Equipment Room Assistants, and Clerical positions in the Athletic Department. All positions except Clerical require weekend and evenings.

  • Scene shop, prop asst, costume, photography darkroom asst., Media Lab Asst.

  • Drives Ram Van between various campuses and properties. Requires valid driver’s license, written DMV test, road test, and physical exam. Must not have more than 1 violation and/or 1 accident. Must be adept at dealing with city traffic. Some weekend and evening shifts may be required.

Non Work-Study Opportunities

The following work opportunities are available to students who did not receive Federal Work-Study as part of their Financial Aid Package.

    • Fordham Security (Student Aide)**
      • Location: Thebaud Annex
      • Contact: (718) 817-4075
    • The Ram Van (Driver)**
      • Location: Parking Garage Basement
      • Contact: (718) 817-4345
    • Computer Science Department (Grader)
      • Location: John Mulcahy Hall, Room 340
      • Contact: (718) 817-4480
    • Mathematics Department (Grader)
      • Location: John Mulcahy Hall, Room 407
      • Contact: (718) 817-3220
    • Modern Languages Department (Tutor)
      • Location: Faber Hall, Room 553
      • Contact: (718) 817-2651
    • Fordham Bookstore
      • Location: Across from O'Hare Hall
    • Student Deli
      • Location: Queens Court
    • McGinley Center Cafeteria
      • Location: McGinley Center
      • Contact: See Supervisor On Location
    • The Ram Line Telemarketing
      • Location: Student Philanthropy Center, Ground Level of O'Hare Hall
      • Contact: [email protected]
    • Fordham Bookstore
      • Location: Leon Lowenstein Building, 1st Floor
    • Law School Library
      • Location: Fordham School of Law, Lincoln Center Campus
      • Contact: [email protected] or (212) 636-7820
    • Law School Computer Lab Help Desk
    • Fordham Security (Student Aide)**
      • Location: Leon Lowenstein Building Lobby
      • Contact: (212) 636-6076
    • The Ram Van (Driver | Dispatched from Rose Hill)**
      • Location: Parking Garage Basement, Rose Hill Campus
      • Contact: (718) 817-4345
    • Food Services
      • Location: Cafeteria, Lowenstein Building Plaza

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**For Ram Van and Security

Please visit the department to see if you can fill available shifts. They will provide you with a referral to complete paperwork with the Office of Student Employment, who you may contact at (718) 817-3820.