Student Employment Opportunities for Non-Citizens

The Office of Student Employment is happy to assist with finding an employment opportunity for F-1 International students. 

For F-1 international students, on-campus employment is "incident to status." This means that you are allowed to work on campus at any point while you are pursuing your studies and maintaining legal status. On-campus employment is limited to 10-13 hours per week while school is in session, but may increase to full-time (28 hrs/week) during the summer program.

Fordham students may seek on-campus jobs at Rose Hill & Lincoln Center.

In order to secure on campus employment, a list of departments that may have job opportunities are listed under non-work study opportunities.

  • If you obtain on-campus employment you will need to visit the Office for International Services to obtain the following:
    • If you do not have a Social Security Number, you will need to apply for one. To apply for a Social Security Number:
    • Letter authorizing the student to work on campus.
    • Upon obtaining their social security card, the student needs to email Amaleta Forbes the University‚Äôs Tax Treaty Expert at [email protected]) to prepare the Tax Withholding documents. This office is located in Faculty Memorial Hall, Room 525 on the 5th Floor.
  • Upon completion of all steps listed above, the student should return to the Office of Student Employment and bring with them the following documents:
    • Passport with respective visa 
    • I-20 Form issued by the University 
    • Social Security Card
    • The Letter authorizing the student to work from the International Office 
    • I-94 document 
    • Copies of the Tax forms completed by Tax Treaty Expert (Ameleta Forbes)
    • The student will then complete the Student employment placement paperwork at the Student Employment Office.