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Tiffany Yip

Dr. Tiffany Yip

Professor of Psychology
Curriculum Vitae


Rose Hill Campus: Dealy Hall, Room 226E
Phone: 718-817-3797

Lab: Youth Development in Diverse Contexts
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Keywords: ethnic minority youth, ethnic identity, discrimination, sleep, cortisol, school contexts, health and well-being

Currently accepting students.


  • 1997 BA in Psychology, Cornell University
  • 2003 PhD in Psychology, New York University

Major Research Interests

  • Ethnic identity development among minority youth, young adults, and adults
  • Direct and indirect association between ethnic identity and psychological adjustment
  • Impact of ethnic-specific and general stressors for well-being outcomes



Professional Affiliations and Cooperations

  • Associate Editor, Asian American Journal of Psychology
  • Associate Editor, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology


Recent Publications

Recent Presentations

  • Yip, T.  (in press).  To be or not to be: How racial/ethnic stereotypes influence ethnic disidentification and private regard, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology
  • Douglass, S., Jeswani, S., English, D. & Yip, T. (in press).  "They were just making jokes": racial/ethnic teasing and discrimination among adolescent friends, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology
  • Shelton, J. N., Garcia, R. L., Douglass, S., Yip, T. & Trail. T. (in press).  Feeling (mis)understood and intergroup friendships in interracial interactions.  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
  • Yip, T.  (2015).  The Effects of ethnic/racial discrimination and sleep quality on trajectories of depressive symptoms and self-esteem among diverse adolescents, Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 44 (2), 419-430.
  • Douglass, S., Yip, T., & Shelton, J. N. (2014). Intragroup contact and anxiety for ethnic minority adolescents: The influence of ethnic identity and school diversity transitions. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 43(10), 1628-1641. doi:10.1007/s10964-014-0144-5
  • Yip, T. (2014).  Ethnic identity in everyday life: The influence of identity development status.  Child Development, 85 (1), 205-219.
  • Schwartz, S. J., Syed, M., Yip, T., Knight, G. P., Umana-Taylor, A. J., Rivas-Drake, D., & Study Group on Ethnic and Racial Identity in the 21st Century.  (2014). Methodological issues in ethnic and racial identity research: Theoretical prevision, measurement issues and research designs. Child Development, 85 (1), 58-76.
  • Umana-Taylor, A. J., Quintana, S. M., Lee, R. M., Cross, W. E., Rivas-Drake, D., Schwartz, S. J., Syed, M., Yip, T., Seaton, E. K. & Study Group on Ethnic and Racial Identity in the 21st Century.  (2014). Ethnic and racial identity during adolescence and into young adulthood: An integrated conceptualization.  Child Development, 85 (1), 21-39.
  • Yip, T. & Douglass, S. (2013).  The application of experience sampling approaches to the study of ethnic identity: New developmental insights and directions.  Child Development Perspectives, 7 (4), 211-214.
  • Yip, T., Douglass, S. & Shelton, J. N.  (2013). Daily contact with similar others in diverse settings: Implications for Asian Adolescents’ ethnic identity.  Child Development, 84 (4), 1425-1441.