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Molly E. Zimmerman

Dr. Molly Zimmerman

Associate Professor of Psychology
Curriculum Vitae


Rose Hill Campus: Dealy Hall, Room 226F
Phone: 718-817-3835

Lab: Zimmerman Clinical Neuropsychology Lab


  • 1996 BA in Psychology, University of Cincinnati
  • 2001 MA in Clinical Psychology, University of Cincinnati
  • 2004 PhD in Clinical Psychology (Neuropsychology), University of Cincinnati
  • 2004 Internship in Clinical Neuropsychology, Brown University
  • 2004 - 2006 NIH T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Dementia, Brown University

Major Research Interests

  • Cognition and sleep disturbances
  • Cognitive and neuroimaging correlates of traumatic brain injury
  • Neuropsychological assessment of dementia and preclinical dementia


  • PSYC 2501 - Cognition Laboratory
  • PSYC 2900 - Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC 6106 - Cognitive Assessment with Lab
  • PSYC 6370 - Cognition & Affect
  • PSYC 6253 - Neuropsychological Assessment with Lab
  • PSYC 8290 - Clinical Supervision

Professional Affiliations and Cooperations

  • Dr. Michael L. Lipton, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Dr. Adam M. Brickman, Columbia University Medical Center
  • Dr. Raanan Arens, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Recent Publications

Laing, K. K., Simoes, S. Baena-Caldas, G. P., Lao, P. J.,Kothiya, M.,Igwe, K. C., Chesebro, A. G.,Houck, A. L.,Pedraza, L., Hernandez, A. I., Li, J.,Zimmerman, M. E., Luchsinger, J. A., Barone, F. C., Moreno, H., & Brickman, A. M.  Cerebrovascular disease promotes tau-pathology in Alzheimer’s disease. Brain Communication; In Press.

**Levitch, C. F., **McConathey, E., **Aghvinian, M., **Himmelstein, M., Lipton, M. L., & Zimmerman, M. E.The impact of sleep on the relationship between soccer heading exposure and neuropsychological function in college-age soccer players. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society; In Press.

Ezzati, A., Katz, M. J., Zammit, A. R., Derby, C. A., Zimmerman, M. E., & Lipton, R. B.  Health-related quality of life, cognitive performance, and incident dementia in a community-based elderly cohort.  Alzheimer’s Disease and Associated Disorders; 33, 240-245; 2019. PMCID: PMC6710122.

Zimmerman, M. E., Kim, B. M., Hale, C., Brickman, A. M., & Shechter, A.  Neuropsychological function response to nocturnal blue light blockage in insomnia: A randomized controlled study.  Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society; 25, 668-677; 2019.  PMCID: PMC7045510.

Ezzati, A., Katz, M. J., Derby, C.A., Zimmerman, M. E., & Lipton, R. B.  Depressive symptoms predict incident dementia in a community sample of older adults: Results from the Einstein Aging Study (EAS).  Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology; In Press.  PMCID: PMC7201340.

Ezzati, A., Wang, C., Katz, M. J., Zammit, A. R., Zimmerman, M. E., Derby, C., Pavlovich, J. M., Sliwinski, M. J., & Lipton, R. B.  The temporal relationship between pain intensity and pain interference and incident dementia: Results from the Einstein Aging Study.  Current Alzheimer Research; 16,109-115; 2019.  PMCID: PMC6484854.

Tsapanou A., Vlachos G. S., Cosentino S., Gu Y., Manly J. J., Brickman A. M., Schupf N.,Zimmerman M. E., Yannakoulia M., Kosmidis M. H., Dardiotis E., Hadjigeorgiou G., SakkaP., Stern Y., Scarmeas N.  Sleep and subjective cognitive complaints in cognitively healthy older adults. Resultsfrom two cohorts.  Journal of Sleep Research; In Press.  PMCID: PMC6688963.

Katz,M. J., Wang, C., Derby, C. A., Lipton, R. B., Zimmerman, M. E., Sliwinski, M. J., & Rabin, L. A.  Subjective cognitive decline prediction of mortality: Results from the Einstein Aging Study.  Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease; 66, 239-248; 2018.  PMCID: In Progress.

Hunter, L. E., Ifrah, C., Zimmerman, M. E., Kim, M., Lipton, R. B., Stewart, W. F. & Lipton, M. L.  Heading and unintentional head impacts have opposing associations with patient reported outcomes in amateur soccer players.  Research in Sports Medicine;26, 390-400; 2018. PMCID: PMC6387588.

**Levitch, C. L., Ifrah, C., Kim, M., Stewart, W. F., Lipton, R. B., Zimmerman, M. E., & Lipton, M. L.  Personality and risk taking in sports: a focus on unintentional and intentional head impacts in amateur soccer players.  Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine; In Press.  PMCID: PMC63095.

Stewart, W. F., Kim, N., Ifrah, C., Lipton, R. B., Sliwinski, M., Zimmerman, M. E., Kim, M., Ginsberg, M., & Lipton, M. L.  Heading frequency is more strongly related to cognitive performance than unintentional headimpacts in amateur soccer players.  Frontiers on Neurology; 9, 1-10; 2018.  PMCID: PMC5928847.


** Indicates graduate student author under my mentorship