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English Doctorate (PhD)

All Ph.D. students receive a tuition scholarship as well as a stipend of at least $25,164. Students in later years of the program are eligible to apply for Distinguished Fellowships that carry stipends of up to $33,124. Students specialize in a given historical period or tradition and receive intensive pedagogical training in a two-semester teaching practicum. Ph.D. students are eligible to take graduate courses at Columbia, NYU, Princeton, and elsewhere through the Doctoral Consortium. Most of our Ph.D. students receive tenure-track positions (see English Ph.D. Placement).

Program Highlights

  • Attain research and teaching skills in a field of learning in literary studies
  • Learn to conduct original research and produce written accounts to a professional standard
  • Acquire professional skills commensurate with the capacity to secure employment in disciplines of literary and cultural studies

Students who enter the program in the fall 2018 semester (and following), must also take a course that fulfills the Difference and Intersectionality requirement (indicated by the designation "DI"). Graduate literature courses taken elsewhere may be approved to count toward these requirements, and similar courses in Critical Theory may be counted, subject to review by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) and through completion and submission of the departmental waiver form.

Normally, Ph.D. students do not take Creative Writing courses, and they are not allowed to do so in their first year. In their second year they may enroll in a Creative Writing course after obtaining the written permission of their adviser.

Doctoral students have 8 years to complete all of the requirements for the degree. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress including a minimum 3.5 GPA and maintenance of continuous enrollment. For complete policy details, and the most up-to-date information, please refer to the GSAS Policies and Procedures Guidebook. For important registration, administrative, and graduation dates, please see the GSAS Academic Calendar.



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