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Edward Cahill

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BS, California State University, Fresno; MA, Claremont Graduate School; PhD, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Research and Teaching Interests: American literature, culture, and intellectual history; modern fiction.


About Edward Cahill

Professor Cahill is the author of Liberty of the Imagination: Aesthetic Theory, Literary Form, and Politics in the Early United States (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012). His research concerns seventeenth-, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century transatlantic American literature and culture, with a particular focus on the expressive relationship between history, ideas, and form, and his essays have appeared in American Literature, Early American Literature, ELH, Early American Studies, and Common-place, as well as the Companion to Benjamin Franklin (Blackwell, 2011), and American Literature’s Aesthetic Dimensions (Columbia University Press, 2012). He has been awarded fellowships from the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Huntington Library and is currently working on a cultural history of social mobility in colonial British America.