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Fordham Law School Diploma Ceremony Indoors The Fordham Law School Diploma ceremony will take place indoors at the Vincent T. Lombardi Memorial Center on the Rose Hill Campus today. Law School Ceremony Information

Faculty Technology Day

On Faculty Technology Day, Fordham IT brings faculty together to learn about new teaching and research strategies in a digital age. Faculty have the opportunity to discuss and share their interests and insights about technology. It's also a year-end event to celebrate Fordham University's faculty. Staff are also welcome.

We look forward to participating in this day of conversation, discovery, and exchange with you. Find details and registration for the 2018 event at the Fordham IT Events Calendar.


Faculty Technology Day 2018

The Equalizing Power of Technology in Education

Wednesday, May 23

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Costantino Hall, Law School, Lincoln Center