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Faculty Technology Bootcamp: a week of workshops aimed at helping faculty leverage technology to enhance teaching, research, and student engagement by providing you with immediately applicable strategies to save time, boost productivity, and energize your classes.

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EdTech Handout:  support resources, about the team, and overview of techshops calendar for the semester

Recordings and Resources from the Sessions

    • Overview of EdTech Services

      IT staff will offer an overview of all IT services and developments relevant to teaching and research. Faculty will also have a chance to meet with new colleagues, as well as discuss their views and expectations of technology services for the upcoming semester.

      Recording [43:56]

    • Accessibility: Making Multimedia Content Accessible to All

      Learn essential practices for creating an inclusive learning environment. Explore strategies, tools, and insights to ensure that educational content is accessible to all, fostering an environment where every learner can thrive.

      Recording [38:22]
      Creating an OCR PDF Document 
      ADA Compliance Guide: File Type Check List 

    • Information Security and Assurance

      This workshop provides faculty members with comprehensive insights into Information Security and Assurance, covering essential concepts and best practices to enhance their understanding and ability to safeguard digital assets and information within academic environments.

      Recording [55:50]

    • Managing Your Digital Identity

      If you’re not managing your digital identity, then someone else is.  You can curate your own online academic profile by following the best practices we'll be sharing at this workshop. Learn tips for protecting your privacy online and how to best leverage a web presence for teaching and research.

      Recording [55:13]

    • Faculty AI Exchange:  Unlocking AI's Potential

      The Faculty AI Exchange is a dynamic virtual event dedicated to keeping faculty members in higher education at the forefront of the AI revolution.  You'll hear the latest updates and news on the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence, and will receive practical tips and invaluable tools to help you transform your teaching methods.

      The Faculty AI Exchange is also a space for open discussion. Engage with your peers, exchange ideas, ask questions, and discover how fellow educators are leveraging AI to enhance their classrooms. Join us in this collaborative journey to unlock the full potential of AI in education, connecting faculty members, and empowering you to create dynamic, innovative, and successful learning environments for your students.

      Recording [23:37]

    • Getting the Most out of Library Resources and Services

      In this session, Kirsten Lee (Lincoln Center) and Jeannie Hoag (Rose Hill) will lead you in a hands-on demonstration of library resources that address your role as course designer, instructor, and scholar.  

      Recording [54:13]


  • Blackboard Help

    Call:  718-817-3999
    Email:  [email protected]
    Website:  www.fordham.edu/blackboard
    Calendar:  Sign up to meet with us
    Blackboard:  use the purple question mark at the bottom right of your page
    Outside business hours: 24/7 support at bbhelp.fordham.edu

    • Blackboard: Basics
      A broad introduction to Blackboard, Fordham’s Learning Management System.  Faculty get an introductory overview of the system and learn how to set up their course.  This introduction will focus on issues specific to faculty who have never used Blackboard.

      Recording [51:55] or view Base Navigation Tutorial [6:09] or Overview Tutorial [9:45]
      Agenda and Resources

    • Blackboard: Assessments
      An overview of the various assessment tools within Blackboard Ultra, including tests, quizzes, and assignments.

      Recording [55:47] or view Assessments Tutorial [14:44]
      Agenda and Resources
      Additional resources from session:
    • Blackboard: Gradebook
      An overview of the Gradebook tool (formerly Grade Center) within Blackboard Ultra.

      Gradebook Tutorial [11:24]
      Agenda and Resources
      Additional resources from session:
    • Blackboard: Improvements and New Features
      Are you ready to take your teaching to the next level and ensure a successful semester for both you and your students? Find out more about the innovative features and enhancements Blackboard is implementing to support educators in their mission to deliver engaging and effective online and hybrid courses.
      During this session get a firsthand look at Blackboard’s newest tools and features designed to streamline course management, foster student engagement, and enhance the overall learning experience.  We will also introduce the Anthology Idea Exchange and highlight valuable resources.

      Recording [29:29]

    • Blackboard:  AI Design Assistant
      The AI Design Assistant helps faculty build out their classes in Blackboard. In this session, we will:
      • Review how to access the AI Design Assistant
      • Offer suggested best practices in using the tool
      • Build a sample course together

    Recording [56:13]
    Bb Mailbag:  AI Design Assistant


  • Support

    Contact the Fordham Service Desk if something is not working correctly:  718-817-3999 or [email protected]
    Contact the EdTech Team for training: [email protected] | www.fordham.edu/edtech | sign up to meet on our calendar


    • Computing Essentials
      This session will focus on the fundamentals of computers and their functionality. 

      Recording [51:38]

    • Getting the Most Out of Google:  Gmail

      From mastering interface dynamics to optimizing settings, organizing with folders and filters, and integrating seamlessly with Google Drive, participants will gain expert insights into maximizing efficiency and productivity in their email communication.

      Recording [33:08]

    • Getting the Most Out of Google:  Drive and Calendar
      Explore efficient file management, document formatting, and collaborative sharing on Drive, while also mastering the art of event creation, scheduling, and Zoom integration within Calendar for enhanced productivity and seamless coordination.productivity and collaboration.

      Recording [55:12]
  • Support

    Contact the Fordham Service Desk if something is not working correctly:  718-817-3999 or [email protected]
    Contact the EdTech Team for training: [email protected] | www.fordham.edu/edtech | sign up to meet on our calendar


    • Working with Audio & Video

      A review of the process of creating and editing audio and video. We'll also discuss working with A/V and the best practices for incorporating A/V into projects such as in PPTs, Google Slides, and Blackboard.

      Recording [48:18]

    • Creating Engaging Presentations

      Step up your next presentation! Learn design basics and how to add animation, music, and video to your PowerPoint or Google Slides. You’ll also discover free media resources to use in your presentations.

      Recording [49:43]

    • Finding, Using, and Formatting Images

      Learn how to find, use and format images for your research, classroom activities and presentations. You’ll leave the workshop having covered editing basics as well as how to find and cite fair use images.

      Recording [27:47]

    • Voicethread and Panopto

      Explore the creative possibilities of VoiceThread for interactive multimedia discussions.  Delve into using Panopto, a cloud-based service, to record, edit, and share interactive lectures, presentations, and meetings using your computer’s audio, video, and desktop screen. 

      Recording [44:39]
    • Zoom and Survey Tools

      Navigate the intricacies of conducting engaging virtual sessions using Zoom and harness the power of survey tools for effective feedback and assessment. Gain practical insights to enhance your online teaching and interaction capabilities.

      Recording [41:10]

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