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At Fordham Law School, we take the Jesuit value of cura personalis, or “care for the whole person,” seriously. Our students’ health and wellness is vital to their personal and professional success as lawyers, and we are committed to helping them find fulfillment across all dimensions of well-being.

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The 8 Pillars of Wellness

Mental & Emotional

At Fordham Law School we recognize that while the work of a lawyer or law student can be tremendously rewarding, it can also be demanding and stressful. It is thus critical for all members of the profession to tend to their mental and emotional wellness by practicing self-care, cultivating self-awareness, and developing healthy strategies for stress-management and resilience.

Fordham Law offers:

  • A robust mental health and wellness co-curriculum developed by the Law School Office of Professionalism, including but not limited to programs such as:
    • Wellness 101: Strategies for Maintaining Health and Happiness in Law School and Practice (required for all 1Ls)
    • Secrets to Success: Growth Mindset and Resilience (required for all 1Ls)
    • Mental Health First Aid Training
    • Wellness in Practice: Lessons from Top Lawyers & Law Firm Leaders about Why Mental Health Matters and Tips for Thriving in Practice
    • Unwinding Anxiety and Other Harmful Habits
    • Food for Thought: Nutrition Tips for Busy Law Students and Lawyers
    • What Our Work Does to Us: Strategies for Identifying and Addressing Secondary Trauma in Public Interest Lawyering
    • Outsmart Your Bias Towards Self and Others Through Mindfulness
    • Fuel Your Focus: Using Mindfulness to Reduce Stress and Optimize Performance and Productivity in Law School
    • Four Powerful Tools to Reduce Stress
    • Mindful March Pop-Up Meditation Series
    • The Lawyer’s Guide to Managing Stress & Burnout
    • Gratitude Week “Wall of Thanks”
    • Finals & Reading Period De-Stress Study Breaks

Additional Mental Health Resources



At Fordham Law School, we view the strength of our community as our greatest asset, and we’re committed to providing robust networks of support and belonging that touch every student.

Fordham Law offers:

  • A House System through which every entering student joins a small community within the Law School, supported by a lifelong community of peers, enhanced faculty and alumni mentorship, and administrative liaisons from all corners of the institution. Social calendar events include activities such as game nights, potlucks, talent shows, happy hours, and more.
  • A Board of Student Advisors Program that assigns all incoming students an upper-year Advisor committed to easing their transition to law school and offering support and guidance throughout their 1L year.
  • A Peer Mentorship Program that provides second-year students with trained third and fourth-year mentors who are committed to supporting them as they navigate personal, academic, and professional challenges of the 2L year.
  • More than 40 diverse law student organizations that provide students with opportunities for socializing, networking, and collaborative public service work.
  • A Student Bar Association that sponsors many school-wide social activities throughout the year, such as the annual Halloween Party, Barristers’ Ball, and more.


Driven by our commitment to academic excellence and intellectual engagement, Fordham Law School provides students with myriad opportunities to expand their knowledge, skills, and intellectual horizons both within and outside the classroom. 

Fordham Law offers:


At Fordham Law School, we are committed to helping alleviate students' financial stress by providing them with the tools, guidance, and resources they need to develop sustainable financial well-being.

Fordham Law offers:

  • One-on-one counseling with the Financial Aid Office to discuss topics such as budgeting and debt management, loan repayment and forgiveness, and short and long-term financial planning.
  • A series of in-person workshops focused on topics including:
    • Financial Literacy for Law Students
    • Understanding the Financial Impact of Your Employment Decisions
    • Financial Bootcamp: Life After Law School
    • Loan Repayment 101
  • Access to AccessLex MAX, a multi-faceted finance curriculum for law students including online and virtual programming, tools, and one-on-one coaching on topics ranging from financial basics and budgeting to insurance and investing.
  • Summer fellowship opportunities for students pursuing full-time public interest work.


As a Jesuit institution, Fordham is committed to fostering the moral and spiritual development of all of its students, regardless of their faith, background, or beliefs. To us, spiritual wellness involves having a sense of meaning and purpose in your life, and using values and principles to help guide your behaviors and decisions. 

Fordham Law offers:

  • Access to the Campus Ministry, which offers a variety of programs, retreats, and opportunities for religious observance, spiritual growth, and the promotion of social justice.
  • Co-curricular programs developed by the Law School Office of Professionalism to help students develop their professional identities by contemplating their strengths and values, and forging career paths that will bring them meaning and purpose.
  • Access to the Center on Religion and Culture, which organizes programs to engage and elevate the public dialogue about religion and culture, the mind and soul, inclusion and identity, politics, and the arts.


Regular physical activity, sufficient sleep, and a healthy diet are essential to meet the demands of law school and the legal profession. 

Fordham Law offers:

  • Access to Fordham University Health Services, which provides a host of healthcare services including primary care, physical examinations, nutrition counseling, and more.
  • Free access to Lincoln Center Fitness, located on the second floor of the McMahon Residence Hall, just around the corner from the Law School.


At Fordham Law School, we recognize that successful legal careers come in myriad shapes and sizes, and we are committed to helping our students identify and secure the employment opportunities that will bring them lasting satisfaction and fulfillment in the profession.

Fordham Law offers:

  • One-on-one counseling sessions with counselors in the Career Planning Center (CPC) and Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) tailored to assist students with self-assessment, career exploration, resume and application reviews, interview prep, and job search strategies.
  • Designated CPC House Liaisons that support and engage regularly with students throughout their law school career until they obtain their first permanent post-graduate position.
  • A robust series of co-curricular programs designed to help students (1) explore the broad array of legal career paths available to them as Fordham Law students and identify the positions that best align with their skills values and interests; (2) cultivate the skills necessary to successfully navigate the job search, application, and interview processes; and (3) prepare to put their best foot forward in their externships, summer positions, and post-graduate employment.
  • Access to Fordham Law School’s extensive, active network of alumni, who are committed to supporting Fordham Law students in their professional development, including through (1) the House Alumni Mentor Program, through which a diverse group of alumni mentors serve as a dedicated resource and sounding board for first-year students in their House; (2) Worldwide Alumni Chapters that afford students opportunities to network and connect with Fordham Law alumni around the globe; and (3) Alumni Networking Affinity Groups that connect alumni, students, and faculty with shared interests, practice areas, and backgrounds.
  • More than 20 PIRC student groups through which students can begin devoting their passions and skills to pro bono, public service, and community service work as early as their first week of law school.


At Fordham Law School, we recognize that students’ physical surroundings can have a significant impact on their focus, productivity, and overall well-being.

Fordham Law is:

  • A new Law School building with state-of-the art facilities and academic spaces including:
    • A 562,000-volume law library replete with computer labs and private study-rooms
    • 26 audio visual-equipped classrooms, lecture halls, and conference rooms
    • A two-story atrium, moot court, and trial court facilities
    • Spacious dining rooms and lounges
    • A gracious veranda overlooking Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
  • A location in the heart of New York City
    • Across the street from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
    • Two blocks from Central Park
    • A short walk or subway ride from all that New York City has to offer
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