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The Educational Technologies and Research Computing of the Office of Information Technology hosts various events, presentations, and outreach programs throughout the year to engage the Fordham community on exciting topics related to teaching, research and technology. 

From AI to VR; from building servers to hosting scholarship;  from making the most of the in-person classroom experience to supporting online learning; and from supporting podcasting, makerspaces, collaborative spaces and more in our Learning and Innovation Technology Environments (LITE) to providing the labs you need to do your work, the Education Technology and Research team is here to help.


Presentations & Events

  • Faculty Technology Day 2023
    AI and the Future of Education

    Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Costantino Hall, Fordham Law School, Lincoln Center campus

    Faculty Technology Day is our annual conference where Fordham faculty discuss their interests and insights on technology and education. The day will include workshops, exciting keynotes, and stimulating conversations about the future of teaching, technology, and research. 

    We will provide more information soon, including list of keynote speakers, and RSVP request.  If you are interested in presenting, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Artificial Intelligence's Impact on Education

    Panel discussion about AI and the future of higher education featuring five Fordham faculty members from various departments. 

  • Introduction to OpenAI’s ChatGPT

    Drs. Nicole Zeidan, Assistant Director of Emerging EdTech, and Steven D'Agustino, Director of Online Learning, explain ChatGPT, what is behind AI-powered emerging technologies, and the impact on higher education.

  • Threat or opportunity? The impact of AI on Education
    Panel flyer

    Popular programs like ChatGPT can solve complex math problems, create original music and art, and write stories better than an actual person—and sound like one, too. This has triggered a big question among educators: How will AI affect assignments, assessments, and originality in the classroom? 

    On Feb. 7, Fordham’s Graduate School of Education hosted a panel discussion at the Lincoln Center campus, “Threat or Opportunity? The Impact of AI on Education,” where five experts explored how AI can impact students at all grade levels—and why sometimes, we learn better without fancy chatbots. 

In the News

  • New LITE Center Brings Cutting-Edge Technology to Rose Hill

    "LITE, which stands for Learning & Innovative Technology Environment, offers an array of cutting-edge educational technologies. It reflects a national trend toward learning commons, said Fleur Eshghi, Ed.D., associate vice president of educational technology research computing. Learning commons are shared collaborative spaces, usually located in libraries, where students, faculty, and staff can meet to brainstorm, socialize, research, and strategize, said Eshghi."

  • In Twice Over Podcast, President Tetlow Talks Leadership, Innovation, and Change

    Working in collaboration with the Emerging Educational Technology team at the LITE center (Learning and Innovation Technology Environment), President Tania Tetlow joined the Twice Over podcast for a special episode. 

    Hosted by Steven D’Agustino, director of online learning, and Anne Fernald, special advisor to the provost, Twice Over was developed to build connections through candid conversations about higher education. They conduct recording sessions in a sound-controlled studio within Info Tech's Learning, Innovation, Technology Environment, a tech center in the basement of Walsh Library where students, faculty, and administrators use cutting-edge technology for their research.

    President Tetlow with members of the LITE team


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