Retreat Ministry Calendar

Fall 2022 Calendar

September 16 - 18 Fresh Vision 42 (LC)
September 23 - 25 Fresh Vision 41 (RH)
October 14 - 16 Prism
October 21 - 23 Men's Retreat
November 4 - 6 Emmaus 128
November 11 - 13 Cor 21
November 18 - 20 Fall Art & Yoga Retreat


Spring 2023 Calendar

January 13 - 16 Contemplatio
February 3 - 5              Women's Retreat
February 10 - 12 Fresh Vision 43
February 24 - 26 Emmaus 129
March 3 - 5  Spring Art & Yoga Retreat
March 24 - 26 Cor 22        
April 14 - 16 Senior Charis

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Fresh Vision
A fun, faith-filled retreat for first-year students making the joyful and challenging transition into the college experience. Form amazing friendships and lean into the journey ahead.

Latin for "heart", this retreat is the perfect opportunity to honor, explore, and unpack the relationships in your lifeā€”from God, to self, and to others.

Rooted in the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius and the story of the road to Emmaus, this retreat invites students to journey deeper within your own spiritual life and reflect on your walk with God.

Faith & Racial Justice
With the goal of providing a reflective platform and space for having crucial discussions about race, especially regarding BIPOC students at Fordham. In the fight for racial justice, we believe our community needs to come together in spiritual conversation to reflect on our individual actions, listen to others' stories, and work together as a collective to move forward in taking action toward richer diversity and inclusion and understanding of each other.

A safe and welcoming place for LGBTQ students to explore and deepen their relationship with God while discovering a community of support at Fordham.

Men's Retreats
Each year has a new theme, which facilitates self-reflection, draws strength from spirituality, and develops communal brotherhood with one another. Men's retreat allows you to explore your spirituality and how you do not have to go through this spiritual journey alone.

Women's Retreats
A weekend to explore, unpack, and converse about gender norms in a spiritual context.

Interfaith Retreat
Whether you're committed to a faith tradition or are searching for what you believe, this retreat will provide the opportunity to delve into meaningful questions and conversations around spirituality and religion.

Art and Yoga Retreats for Advent and Lent
Enjoy a one day or overnight retreat experience engaging mind, body, and spirit in these liturgical seasons.

Charis Senior Retreat
An opportunity for Seniors to prayerfully consider the past four years and all that lies ahead in light of God's Grace and the Ignatian process of discernment and decision making.

Contemplatio Silent Retreat
A powerful 4-day retreat over the MLK weekend based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. The sacrament of Reconciliation and spiritual direction are offered.