Pastoral Conversation

College is a time of many transitions. Adjusting to the demands of college can be very stressful. It is nice to know that there are many caring and compassionate Campus Ministers here to listen to your concerns. Many students find that some of their previously held assumptions about religion and faith get challenged during college. While this is completely normal, it can be unsettling. If you find that you are wondering about how or if God fits into your life, you might find it helpful to speak to a Campus Minister.

Students of all faiths or no faith are most welcome to talk one on one with a Campus Minister about their concerns. Campus Ministry also offers a confidential space for students who have experienced sexual assault.

If you would like a safe space to help you to explore your questions and concerns,please stop by or email us. We will connect you to a campus minister who can accompany you in your search and help you to greater self-understanding. We are here for you!