Advising for Classes of 2026 and 2027

Academic Advising

We see advising as essential to your success here at Fordham.

Throughout your time here at Fordham, your advisors partner with help you to explore your academic, career, and life goals, as well as help identify the courses, enrichment activities, engagement opportunities, and resources best suited to working towards those goals.

In keeping with the Jesuit spirit of cura personalis, we believe the development and care of your whole self is vital to thriving academically. Academic advisors collaborate with departments, programs, and other areas across Fordham on your behalf to ensure that you have a rich and well-rounded academic experience. Your advisors will focus on:

  • Your academic progress and course registration.
  • Preparing you for major declaration, study abroad programs, undergraduate research, internships, and all other opportunities you will receive at Fordham. 
  • Your transition to becoming a responsible and caring member of the Fordham academic community, including understanding Fordham's commitment to academic integrity."The vital importance of committing to academic integrity while at Fordham.
  • Strategies for achieving academic success and remedies to any academic difficulty.

Faculty Mentoring

Faculty mentors are vital guides and partners in your time here at Fordham. Engagement with faculty perspectives will help you to go beyond completing your curricular requirements to discovering academic interests and developing meaningful pursuits in both your research and academic growth.

Faculty mentors empower you to discover opportunities, build skills and be proactive in your learning. also guide and work with you, empowering you to discover growth opportunities, develop your interests, and build skills toward your overall academic goals.