2020 Building Personal Resilience: Yes I Can! Yes We Can!

With the world around us swiftly changing, individuals, families, and communities are challenged to recover and rebuild in new creative ways. We are called upon to adapt and respond even as we are forced to pause and ponder the unknown. How do we develop and maintain resilience, and how can we continue to find healthy and constructive ways to grow?

Moderator: Christie-Belle Garcia, Ph.D., GSE ’21,
Assistant Dean for Student Support & Success, Fordham University

Christie-Belle Garcia

Mary Byrne, Ph.D., TMC ’72, GSAS ’78, ’83, PAR,
Clinical Psychologist

Mary Byrne

David Marcotte, S.J., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor of Psychology, Associate Director of Clinical Training, Fordham University

David Marcotte

Maria Nardone, Ph.D., GSAS ’79, ’82,
Psychologist, Organizational Consultant

Maria Nardone