2020 Career Outlook: COVID-19 Trends & Perspectives

The way we work has been evolving for quite some time, with shifts spurred on by technology, changes in gender dynamics, and the emergence of new fields. Will the recent coronavirus pandemic force yet another reimagining of the way we work—especially remotely? How can employers and employees adapt, and what industries might need to be re-engineered to survive?

Moderator: Meghan Howard Sharron, FCRH ’92,
Executive Coach

Meghan Sharron

Roxana Callejo Garcia,
Associate Vice President, Strategic Planning and Innovation, Fordham University

Roxana Callejo Garcia

Vivian Garcia-Tunon, GABELLI ’02,
Founder, VGT Consulting Group and Elevation Line

Vivian Garcia-Tunon

Rita Houston,
Program Director, WFUV, Host and Creator of The Whole Wide World with Rita Houston

Rita Houston

Christine Schwall-Pecci, FCRH ’09,
Senior Medical Director, Medical Strategy and Scientific Affairs, BGB Group

Christine Schwall-Pecci