2020 "Who's the Boss?": Perspectives on Modern Home Economics

Society has historically defined a woman's role in the home as a caretaker. How have shifts in that reality—women's ability to join the workforce, women claiming the role of breadwinner, the legal recognition of same-sex marriage, or the more recent shift to remote work—changed how women and society at large grapple with the domestic division of labor?

Moderator: Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., PAR,
Author & Activist

Helen lakelly hunt ws 2020 moderator

Lara DeRosa, PAR,
Vice President, On the Spot Media

Lara derosa ws 2020 panelist

Sarah Dougan,
Associate Director of Admissions, Fordham University

Sarah Dougan WS 2020 panelist

Debbie Lesperance,
Director of Admissions and Recruitment PCS, Fordham University

Debbie lesperance ws 2020 panelist

Beth O'Brien, FCRH ’92,
Head of Enterprise Program Management, Process Improvement and Change Management Office, T. Rowe Price

Beth o'brien WS 2020 panelist