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Center for Community Engaged Learning

The Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) is a new initiative that builds on Fordham’s tradition for engagement by coalescing the work of the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice and Global Outreach, while building a system for integrating faculty teaching and research. The CCEL provides Fordham students with opportunities to learn with and from our local and global community partners and to incorporate scholarly research into community based collaborations. Through communal engagement at the local, national, and international levels, the CCEL facilitates Fordham’s mission as a Jesuit, Catholic, and New York City entity of higher learning. In providing opportunities such as Urban Plunge, Service Learning, Global Outreach, and developing students’ capacity as scholars and civic leaders, the Center for Community Engaged Learning cultivates relationships of mutual and perpetual benefit in New York City, throughout the United States, and around the globe.   

Mission: To facilitate experiences for Fordham undergraduates in a way that advances the university’s community-engaged learning (CEL) goals and situates Fordham as a more effective catalyst for change and a more committed partner among communities both in New York and around the globe.

Vision: By building a web of interconnection between the CEL programs of Fordham University and the needs/assets of community partners, the Center will positively transform our university and our communities.

Program Statement: Rooted in a faith that does justice, the Fordham Center for Community Engagement partners with local, national, and global community organizations whose members and clients serve as co-educators for Fordham students. Informed by and in conversation with the Jesuit and Catholic social traditions, the Center facilitates community-based learning opportunities that underscore commitments to the common good, universal human dignity, justice as participation, anti-racism, and solidarity with marginalized communities

For questions, or to learn more, please contact the Center for Community Engaged Learning