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Antivirus Protection

Fordham University provides Bitdefender antivirus software, available as a free download to students, staff, and faculty.

Antivirus protection is essential to protect your computer from virus and malware infections. To use the campus network Fordham-S, your computer must have a supported antivirus package installed. If your computer does not have supported antivirus software, access to Fordham's network will be limited.

In addition to installing antivirus software, good cyber hygiene is key for protecting your devices from cyber attacks and viruses. Educate yourself by taking our free, self-paced online information security awareness training for employees, Information Security Awareness. To access the course, log in to the Terranova app from the My Apps tab in the portal,

Faculty and staff who use the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) should NOT download any antivirus software to their device. Antivirus software and their automatic security updates are applied to VDI on a regular basis.

Download Free and Supported Antivirus Software
Bitdefender antivirus is provided free to all students, faculty, and staff. Before downloading the application, you will need to provide your Fordham AccessIT ID and password and provide multi-factor authentication. Fordham's network allows other antivirus software, but Fordham IT only provides full support and free downloads for Bitdefender. 


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