Identity Theft

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A change that you did not initiate to your personal, online accounts at Fordham or elsewhere may indicate that your identity has been stolen has been stolen. Signs of identity theft include:

  • unusual or unexplainable charges on your bills
  • phone calls you did not make, or bills for accounts, products, or services that you did not authorize
  • failure to receive regular bills or mail
  • new, strange accounts appearing on your credit report
  • unexpected denial of your credit card

What to do if you are a victim of identify theft
Contact the offices at Fordham University that handle billing, paycheck, and enrollment information, including Student Financial Aid, Bursar's Office, Human Resources, and Enrollment. Also contact your bank and credit card companies. File a report with the local police department, as well.

Act quickly to minimize any damaging effects to your credit, your reputation, and your peace of mind.

Educate yourself about cybersecurity by taking our free, self-paced online information security awareness training for employees, Information Security Awareness. To access the course, log in to the Terranova app from the My Apps tab in the portal,

Identity Theft Protection for Full-time Faculty and Staff
Effective January 1, 2015, your benefits package includes access to Identity Theft Protection from First Reliance Standard. First Reliance Standard will assign to you a Privacy Advocate who will investigate your case, notify creditors on your behalf, issue fraud alerts, and make sure your credit and all personal records are restored to their full integrity. Fordham's Human Resources page more contains information about this benefit.

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