Confidential Incident Report

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An Information Security Incident Report is a confidential form submitted by anyone who has witnessed or experienced a security incident.

Report an Information Security Incident

Anyone can make a confidential report about a known or suspected IT security incident via the Fordham University Integrity Hotline. Selecting Information Technology in the left panel on the Integrity Hotline page will allow you to choose from several types of information security incidents. You may also send an email to Information Security and Assurance describing the incident. Full confidentiality is guaranteed for all reports. For more information, see the University Incident Response policy.

After a Report is Filed

The Senior Director of Information Security and Assurance will conduct an investigation and submit an incident report to the AVP of Information Security and Assurance and the VP/CIO of the Office of Information Technology. If a crime has occurred, the University Physical Safety and  Information Security and Assurance will be notified along with other authorities if necessary. Depending on the circumstances, the broader community may also be informed. Non-criminal incidents will be treated as confidential; New York State law mandates that individuals who have been personally affected by an information security incident must be notified about it.

File the Report

When reporting via the Fordham University Integrity Hotline or in an email to the Information Security and Assurance,
include the following information:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Complete description of the incident
  • Any security measures you have already taken
  • Names of other individuals involved and their role
  • IP addresses of all computers involved
  • Any other information relevant to the investigation

DO NOT submit personally identifiable information on this form.

The intentional misreporting of information is subject to criminal investigation.

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