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CMS Undergraduate Program

Students with video camera - LG

The Department of Communication and Media Studies offers four distinct majors and five minors at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center.

Students in the graduating Classes of 2019 and before are encouraged to take any one of those majors but are permitted to stay with the Communications major. The Class of 2020 and beyond can only enroll in the new majors.

For the School of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS), we offer a specialized major in Communications.

To declare a major or for more information, contact:
Dr. Mathias Klang: (Associate Chair, Rose Hill)
Dr. Margaret Schwartz: (Associate Chair, Lincoln Center) - Schedule an Appointment

For information on Internships, contact:
Dr. Paul Levinson: (Rose Hill)
Dr. Brian Rose: (Lincoln Center)

For information on study abroad, contact:
Dr. Lewis Freeman: