Film and Television Major

The film and television major takes a critical and practical approach to the study of media in their shared and distinctive artistic and industrial elements. It draws from a broad tradition of historical, theoretical, and creative practices to best prepare students with the skills they need in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Fordham’s location in New York City and Jesuit mission makes the University uniquely positioned to offer students cultural and career opportunities in film and television as well as a curriculum that trains them in ethical approaches to media studies and practice.

The major offers a concentration in either film or television, with courses designed uniquely for each concentration and with courses that bridge both tracks. It also offers flexibility for those students wishing to focus on film and/or television writing and production, and those wishing to concentrate on critical, historical, and theoretical concerns.

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    • To understand the historical, economic, and creative interrelationship between film and television, and their distinctive practices
    • To understand the formal elements of film and television language
    • To expose students to ethical issues in film and television practices, as well as their absence
    • To understand the cultural politics of film and television, their ideological messages, and the ways in which they reinforce and/ or challenge prevailing social norms
    • To gain practical experience in film and television creative production
    • To foster multiple modes of theoretical and critical analysis
    • COMC 3340COMM 3103Freedom of Expression
    • COMC 3370COMM 3476Ethical Issues and the Media
    • COMC 3330COMM 3110Peace, Justice and the Media
    • COMC 3350COMM 3112Media Law
    • COMC 3380COMM 3106International Communication
    • DTEM 4440Privacy and Surveillance
    • DTEM 4480COMM 4005Digital Media and Public Responsibility
    • FITV 4570COMM 4001Films of Moral Struggle