Master of Arts in Public Media Curriculum

The program’s combination of theoretical grounding, scholarly analysis, and applied, world-tested skills will ensure both professional mobility, and the unusual depth and reflection that marks a Fordham graduate and a future leader in this promising and growing field.

All graduates will gain:

  • an ethics-infused, critical understanding of media theory and communication scholarship in the public interest
  • advanced writing proficiency across platforms
  • competencies in multimedia production (audio and video production and editing; graphics; fundamentals of web and mobile design)
  • practical experience in public media or strategic communication

The PMMA curriculum is divided into six parts:

  1. Two practical multimedia five-day intensive courses, plus ongoing professional development
  2. Two core courses on public media and strategic communication
  3. Two required fundamentals courses 
  4. Two specialized, practical courses in either the journalism concentration or the strategic communication concentration
  5. Two elective courses or internships
  6. A special master’s project

An updated list of course offerings and requirements can be found on the Fordham Bulletin. The concentrations tab will also list all courses that count towards either the Multi-Platform Journalism or Strategic Communication concentrations.