M.A. in Public Media Curriculum

The program’s combination of theoretical grounding, scholarly analysis, and applied, world-tested skills will ensure both professional mobility, and the unusual depth and reflection that marks a Fordham graduate and a future leader in this promising and growing field.

Our one-year program consists of 10 classes, or 30 credits, taken over the course of 12 months, including the option for summer courses. Public Media courses are scheduled almost entirely in the evening, making time for students who are working, professionals. Our program is predominantly in-person, though we do allow for some courses to be taken remotely, or in a hybrid form (partially in-person, partially-online).


Though we have two tracks: Journalism and Strategic Communication, all PMMA students have the same program requirements:

  1. A shared, cohort-class in Public Media, Theory and Practice.
  2. A core course in either Journalism or Strategic Communication.
  3. Two required fundamentals courses, common to both tracks.
  4. Two specialized, practical courses within your track.
  5. Three elective courses (including an internship option, or select classes outside PMMA).
  6. A special master’s project.
  7. Ongoing professional development workshops, lectures, and networking events.

For a full list of course offerings and how they fit into our curriculum, check out our course bulletin Fordham Bulletin