M.A in Public Media Student Testimonials


Maya Sargent standing holding a mic for WFUV

Maya Sargent, PMMA '23
Multimedia Journalist for WTXL in Tallahassee

“The M.A. in Public Media (PMMA) program, Fordham, and WFUV, has changed my life forever. Attending Fordham is the best decision I have made in my life thus far. I have spent the year being encouraged, supported, and motivated every step of the way. The PMMA program is a special place helmed by the best professionals in the industry. It’s the perfect training ground for journalists and strategic communication majors alike, with a hands-on, skill-based approach. I will forever cherish my memories here. You cannot go wrong by choosing Fordham and PMMA.” 


Kevin Dineen Public Media Student Testimonial photo

Kevin Dineen, PMMA '22, FCRH '21
Broadcast Associate, CBS News

“I joined the M.A. in Public Media (PMMA) program because it was a great way to get a head start on my master's degree while finishing up undergrad at Fordham. I quickly realized the program provides much more than just the degree. Their courses taught me to approach and think about media from a more holistic perspective. The PMMA program emphasizes teaching nonprofit rather than commercial media. For me, the lessons were thought provoking. Morals make you approach every decision from a more informed perspective, and create media with an actual, important message. Now, I work at CBS News, but the lessons I learned about "Media with a Mission" at the PMMA will stay with me the rest of my career.”

Ysebella Escalona Public Media Student Testimonial photo

Ysabella Escalona, PMMA '22
Associate Producer, Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN)

“The M.A. in Public Media program at Fordham University has done a lot for me, from expanding my journalistic skills to helping me get my foot in the door of the TV production industry. I enjoyed learning from all my professors and doing all my assignments because they were all fun projects -- not boring homework! I got my internship through the PMMA at Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN), where I currently work as an associate producer. From now on, I plan on using what I learned at the PMMA and my internship to continue growing in my career.”

Jorwell Perez Public Media Student Testimonial photo

Jorwell Perez, PMMA '22
Director of Communications and Outreach, NY Foundling's Strong Families and Communities Center

“The M.A. in Public Media program created a space where I met other young adults with interests in communications and media that wanted to use that interest to create a positive impact in the world. Everyone's interests were so diverse, whether it be through sports journalism, activism, or public relations we all connected through the desire to use media in order to enact change in the world. As someone working and attending the program full-time, I was able to utilize concepts I learned through my classes, specifically the courses on Marketing and Branding in the Public Interests and Strategic Communications, to develop ideas for effective social media campaigns at my job. This was when I knew I was in the right place!”

Riley Swart Public Media Student Testimonial photo

Riley Swart, PMMA ‘22
External Communications Coordinator, Flatiron Health

"The M.A. in Public Media program was an incredible launching point for my career in strategic communications. The program combined my interest in communications and storytelling with social justice and the public interest. Not only did the program provide practical, hands-on experience, the connections I made through the faculty greatly expanded my professional network in NYC. The close-knit cohort created an environment for collaboration and facilitated incredible friendships that continue to be some of my closest in the city! I would highly recommend the program for anyone interested in starting or pivoting their career to something in communications or journalism."