Digital Technologies and Emerging Media (DTEM) Major

The Digital Technologies and Emerging Media (DTEM) major takes a critical approach to the internet and participatory technologies. It draws from a broad tradition of communication and media studies research; social science disciplines including anthropology, psychology, sociology, and political science; and the humanities and fine arts.

The major is designed to encourage greater understanding, critical thinking, and analysis of emerging technologies such as the web, social media, mobile apps, video games, wearables, and the like, while also offering a number of production and writing classes. Students wishing to pursue engineering or digital production should augment the major with classes in computer science, visual arts, journalism, and new media and digital design.

  • Through completion of a DTEM major, students will:

    • Be able to critically assess and analyze digital technologies and emerging media from multiple media perspectives, including cultural, economic, historical, philosophical, political, legal, psychological and sociological.
    • Learn practical applications of new media informed by theoretical understanding, and develop a reflective approach to their everyday mediated experiences.
    • Consider the ethical and social justice dimensions of digital communication technologies at local and global scales.
    • Evaluate and advance critical research in the digital context.
    • COMC 4340COMM 3103Freedom of Expression
    • COMC 3370COMM 3476Ethical Issues in Media
    • COMC 3330COMM 3110Peace, Justice and the Media 
    • COMC 3350COMM 3112Media Law
    • COMC 3380COMM 3106International Communication
    • DTEM 4440Privacy and Surveillance
    • DTEM 4480COMM 4005Digital Media and Public Responsibility
    • FITV 4570COMM 4001Films of Moral Struggle