Special Master's Project Guidelines

Taken during the student’s final summer session and supervised by a faculty member, the special master’s project will include a number of structured options for students, all of which involve practical, creative experiences beyond the communication and media studies department.

PMMA 7619 - Special Master's Project Journalism
PMMA 7629 - Special Master's Project Strategic Communication

This course represents the culmination of the student’s course of study. He/she will create a final project based on projected future plans and career path. Examples include:

  • a field reporting project in conjunction with WFUV
  • a WNET Metro Focus project;
  • a WFUV fundraising project
  • a strategic communication project for a public interest organization, such as the United Nations through our ongoing partnership or a public-interest organizations throughout the five boroughs
  • a general development/fundraising/marketing/donor project
  • a traditional master’s thesis if the student wishes to pursue additional graduate study