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Non-Fordham Summer Courses

Summer Coursework Outside of Fordham

All courses taken outside of Fordham during the summer by incoming and continuing students must be pre-approved for transfer credit by the appropriate Class Dean. There are several conditions that must be met, as well as restrictions on the kinds of courses that can be taken outside of Fordham during the summer.

The application is available at:

Be sure to begin this process early so you do not register for an external course for which Fordham may not award transfer credit. 

Provided you follow this approval process carefully, no in-person meeting is required to secure the Class Dean's approval. If departmental/program approval is needed, however, you may be asked to meet in person with the associate chair/program advisor to discuss your course plans.

Approval Criteria

  1. The course must be taken at a four-year, Bachelor degree-granting institution. Community college or junior college courses are not permitted.
  2. The course must be taken in person. Online courses are not permitted.
  3. The course must meet for at least four (4) weeks, for at least forty (40) hours total (over all class sessions). Lecture, laboratory, and recitation components of courses all count towards this requirement.
  4. If you are taking a science course to fulfill Core Curriculum (Physical/Life Science) requirements, this course must include a laboratory component. Students who withdrew from, did not pass, or did not receive a high enough grade in a lecture or lab component of a majors-level/pre-health science course at Fordham are permitted to take the missing component over the summer, if allowed by the external institution.
  5. You must earn a grade of "C" or higher in the course for Fordham to award transfer credit. Note: while transferred courses do count towards your overall FCRH graduation course and credit count, grades earned in them are not factored into your Fordham GPA. On your Fordham transcript, the grade for the external course will appear with a "T" (transfer) in front of it (i.e. TA-). Summer courses taken at Fordham appear on your transcript like any other Fordham course, and are factored into your Fordham GPA.
  6. Courses intended to count towards the FCRH Core Curriculum or as an elective require the approval of your Class Dean. Courses intended to count towards a major, minor, or pre-health professional track require the approval of the associate department chair or pre-professional advisor, as well as your Class Dean.
  7. Students may take no more than two (2) courses over the span of a summer. A science course with separate lecture and lab components counts as one (1) course.

Course Choice Restrictions

Some Core courses/requirements cannot be fulfilled by non-Fordham courses taken over the summer. Such courses must be completed at Fordham, whether during the academic year or over the summer.

These include:

  • Composition I (ENGL 1101) and Composition II (ENGL 1102)
  • All Eloquentia Perfecta courses/requirements
  • Philosophy of Human Nature (PHIL 1000)
  • Philosophical Ethics (PHIL 3000)
  • Faith and Critical Reason (THEO 1000)
  • Sacred Texts and Traditions requirement
  • Exit (2001)-level modern or classical language
  • Interdisciplinary Capstone Core
  • Globalism and Pluralism distributive requirements

Required Documentation

  1. For each course/lab component, you will need to list:
    • External institution name and catalog number
    • Number of credits at external institution
    • Calendar dates that the course/lab meets
    • Type of credit requested (Core, major/minor, pre-health, or elective).
  2. You will need to assemble two separate Word documents or PDFs.
    • The first should contain a course bulletin/catalog description or syllabus for each course/lab component. 
    • The second should contain the days of week and times of day that each course/lab meets.
  3. For each course/lab component, you will need to calculate the precise total number of hours that the course/lab meets (over all class/lab sessions) and indicate it on the application.