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Emily Krebs

Emily krebs

[email protected]

Faculty Memorial Hall, Room



PhD - University of Utah
MA - University of Denver
BA - University of Denver

Biography and Research Interests

Emily Krebs applies critical cultural perspectives to the study of health and science. Their recent research focuses on disability justice, Mad studies, and critical suicidology. Alongside research, Krebs is dedicated to accessibility advocacy and community-engaged course design, as well as soaking up time in the outdoors with her border collie Winston.

Selected Publications

Krebs, E. (In Press). A sour taste of crip chronicity: Pandemic time and the “return to normal.”
Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies. Special Forum on Cultural Chronicles of
COVID (Ed. M. Levina).

Krebs, E. (In Press). Queering the desire to die: Access intimacy as worldmaking for survival.
Journal of Homosexuality. Special Issue on Queer Relationality (Eds. G. A. Yep, F. Z. Chrifi
Alaoui, & R. Lescure).

Willer, E. K., Krebs, E., Castaneda, N., & Samaras, A. (2021). Mad to the bone: Learning
outcomes of critical grief pedagogy. Communication Education, 70(1), 27-48.

Krebs, E. (2020). Combatting the ills of involuntary intake: A critical rhetorical analysis of
Colorado’s state psychiatric policies. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 48(3),

Krebs, E. (2019). 13 Reasons Why as a vehicle for public understandings of suicide. Critical
Studies in Media Communication
, 37(2), 188-200.

Krebs, E. (2019). Baccalaureates or burdens: Complicating ‘reasonable accommodations’ for
college students with disabilities. Disability Studies Quarterly, 39(3), n.p. Open access.

Krebs, E., & Schoenbauer, K. (2019). Hysterics and hysterectomies: Using relational dialectics
theory 2.0 to explore the problematics of endometriosis diagnosis. Health
, 35(8), 1013-1022.


Communication and Culture: History, Theory, and Methods

Strategic Communication