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Gregory T. Donovan

Gregory T. DonovanContact
[email protected]

Martino Hall, Room 713


Social Media
Twitter: @gdonovan


PhD The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
MA Hunter College of the City University of New York
BA Marymount Manhattan College

Biography and Research Interests

Prof. Donovan is interested in place, culture, and media; proprietary media; smart urbanism and social justice; social (re)production and digital youth; participatory action research; participatory design; geopolitics of internet access; geographies of surveillance; data power.

Selected Publications

2020. Canaries in the Data Mine: Understanding the Proprietary Design of Youth Environments. Palgrave MacMillan.

2020. “Minor Data: Reading the ‘Smart’ City Through Engaged Pedagogy” in Critical Reading Across the Curriculum, Volume II: Social and Natural Sciences (eds. Robert J. Diyanni and Anton Borst). Wiley-Blackwell

2019. Proceedings of the Mapping (In)Justice Symposium. New York, NY: Fordham University. (co-editor Jacqueline Reich)

2014. Special Issue: Media and Methods for Opening Education. Issue5 of The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. (co-editor Suzanne Tamang)

2014. “Opening Proprietary Ecologies: Participatory Action Design Research with Young People”in Methodological Challenges When Exploring Digital Learning Spaces in Education (eds. G.B. Gudmundsdottir and K.B. Vasbø). Sense.

2014. “iLearn: Engaging (In)Formal Learning in Young People’s Mediated Environments” in Informal Education, Childhood and Youth: Histories, Geographies, Practices (eds. S. Mills and P.Kraftl). Palgrave Macmillan.

2012. Shoestring Democracy: Gated Condominiums and Market Rate Cooperatives in New York. Journal of Urban Affairs 34(3): 279-296. (co-authors Setha M. Low and Jen Jack Gieseking)

2009. Cookie Monsters: Seeing Young People’s Hacking as Creative Practice. Children, Youth and Environments 19(1):198-223. (co-author Cindi Katz)

Courses Taught

  • NMDD3880: Designing Smart Cities for Social Justice (Service-Learning)
  • NMDD1001: Explorations in Digital Design 
  • DTEM4480: Digital Media and Public Responsibility (EP4/Senior Values)
  • DTEM1401: Introduction to Digital Technology and Emerging Media
  • DTEM1402: Digital Cultures
  • PMMA5207: Mapping Injustice (Graduate Course)


    • Affiliate Faculty, New Media and Digital Design
    • Affiliate Faculty, Urban Law Center, Fordham School of Law
    • Founding Coordinator, Fordham Digital Scholarship Consortium