Wedding Musicians

Please note that you are required to contact any musicians you wish to have at your ceremony.

Arrangements for harp, violin, or string quartet are also available. Contact the director of music for more information.

During the academic year the University Liturgical Choir is available for weddings. The fee is a donation of $400 to their budget.
(This fee does not include fees for any soloists or instrumentalists.)

*Musicians’ fees are subject to change. Please check with Mr. Robert Minotti, Director of Music.

Effective 09.01.2023

Organist and Director of Music ($375)

Robert Minotti
[email protected]

Vocalists ($275)

Elizabeth Farnum
[email protected]

William Mulligan
[email protected] 

Vocalists ($200)

Christina Angelopoulo
[email protected]

Allyson Schettino
[email protected]

Karen Jendras
[email protected]

Richard Ardito
[email protected]

Trumpet ($300)

Thomas Verchot
[email protected] 

Flute ($275)

Flute ($200)

Theresa Norris
[email protected]

Michelle Murphy
[email protected]

Violinist ($275)

Cellist ($275)

Funda Cizmecioglu
[email protected]

Mary Wooten
[email protected]