Visions of the Good in the Bronx Dorm Life

Students walking at rose hill

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Living on Campus

Our intention is that students will reside in Fordham dorms in the summer of 2023. If COVID-19 conditions warrant, a commuter and hybrid program are also possible, and Fordham University will announce its decision for summer programming in the spring.

Students will reside in Faber Hall on Fordham’s Rose Hill Campus in the Bronx. The dorm features double rooms with individual bathrooms per floor. Students are supervised by undergraduate Residential Teaching Advisors (RTAs) who live in the dorms with the students.

Students sleep in the dorms on Sunday - Thursday nights, and return home on Friday and Saturday.

Visions of the Good in the Bronx Students Watching a Fordham Undergraduate Admissions Presentation.

Meals will be provided on weekdays at one of the Fordham dining halls. The menu includes:

  • Daily hot specials
  • Regular pizza and pasta
  • Fruit and salad bars
  • Vegetarian and Vegan options
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