Visions of the Good in the Bronx Schedule and Syllabus

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Daily Schedule

A draft of the daily schedule is here.

Summer Syllabus

Visions of the Good in the Bronx Students Working on Visual Boards in a Bright Room.

As individuals we are all guided by certain visions of the good--visions of what we take to be more or less important in life. Fordham's "Visions of the Good in the Bronx" seminar will help students in the Bronx evaluate some of the most powerful visions of the good that have been proposed throughout history, from Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoics in the ancient world to Josè Martí and Sojourner Truth in more modern times.

Over the course of the three-week seminar, we will wrestle with the questions of how we can best live our lives as individuals, and how we can best live our lives together as fellow citizens. The last week of class each summer will focus on the American vision of the good in particular. What sort of vision is laid out in the Declaration of Independence, for instance, and how and why have we fallen short of that vision throughout our history?

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