IRB Education, Workshops and Training

IRB Education and Training

CITI Online Required Human Subject Education

As of 1/1/13. all faculty, staff, students, and key personnel conducting or overseeing human subjects research, must complete the required online CITI program.

Instructions for Registering and Completing CITI Course

Based on feedback from Fordham researchers, the average time it takes to complete the training is:

  • 1-2 hours for the Students Conducting No More Than Minimal Risk Research course
  • 2 hours for the Refresher of Social and Behavioral Research Investigators course
  • 2-3 hours for the Social and Behavioral Research Investigators course
  • 4 hours or more for the Biomedical Research Investigators course

IRB Seminar at Your Door Service

Are you teaching a class and think a presentation on the IRB would be a great addition? Or do you think your school, department, or program would benefit from a presentation about the IRB?

Invite an IRB representative to come speak!

Seminar Topics

  • Intro to the IRB
  • Customize your own seminar by asking for specific topics that would benefit your group!