Office of Research Spring/Summer 2022 Newsletter

From the Chief Research Officer

Our office is extremely proud of all the efforts by Fordham’s researchers and the staff who support their research.

Our Recent Achievements

Faculty and students talking in classroom

Historic record for external awards
Our university’s research advancement was stunning this past year. Fordham received $31,750,454 in FY 2022 (July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022) for external grants and awards, which is another historic record. These results represent an increase of 32% in FY 2022 in comparison to FY 2021.

Innovative research initiatives
The Office of Research continues to provide effective and innovative opportunities for faculty seeking external funding, such as restarting the faculty research abroad program with international Jesuit universities; creating the summer STEM research grant; and launching the fourth strategic research consortium on science and justice.

Student sitting at computer

Several existing programs have shifted their focus to science and justice in order to better align their efforts with Fordham’s new strategic plan. Other science and justice initiatives are included in some of the Fordham-Columbia, NYU, Georgetown, and IBM program research projects, and in some of the awarded Faculty Research Grants and Interdisciplinary Research Grants.

New IP policy on inventions and patents and providing new services for technology transfer
After intensive consultation with the University Research Council and the Faculty Senate, the University has adopted an Intellectual Property (IP) policy: inventions and patents. The Office of Research is responsible for the implementation and execution of this new policy. We are engaged in policy dissemination, and developing staff training and learning resources. Guidelines for selection of University Intellectual Property Committee (UIPC) faculty representatives are being developed, as well. The Office of Research is pleased to facilitate these procedures for Fordham and its researchers.

Reformatting Faculty-Student research collaborations
We have initiated and implemented several programs designed to promote faculty-student research collaborations, such as the summer STEM research grant for students; the Columbia, NYU, Georgetown, and IBM student internship programs; and connecting research to the cooperative online international learning (COIL) program.

I extend my deep gratitude to all of Fordham’s students, faculty, and staff for your tireless efforts to make our University a great and supportive place for research and scholarship.

- Z. George Hong, Ph.D.