Spotlight: Building Social Media Skills

Two student interns look at photos taken at a youth soccer game for social media

During their Serving the City internship, Fordham students Licha Gonzalez and Galilea Morocho (pictured above) gained social media expertise and built the public profile of the City Schools Sports Association (CSSA), an athletics and youth development league serving New York City.

Collaborating to promote CSSA via social media, they learned much about creating content and building a brand. With “incredible” support and feedback from her supervisor, Gonzalez said, “I gained confidence and learned to trust my creative vision.”

Morocho learned all about recording Instagram Reels and capturing crucial action shots. “I really appreciated how much room for creativity there was” in creating content, she said.

Some of their content reached more than 14,000 accounts, CSSA Commissioner Billy Ribeiro said. In less than three months, he said, they grew the CSSA’s social media following by 19%.

The experience was rewarding in other ways as well, Gonzalez said: “It was wonderful to see how the [CSSA] brought the community together and the smiles of the youth as they celebrated alongside their coaches, family, and peers.”