Get Involved

Would you like to be more involved with the Gabelli School of Business? We welcome participation from alumni, parents, friends of the school, and other professionals who are working in the business world or have business expertise.

Below are some ideas on ways—large and small—that you can get involved. See something here that interests you? Or have an idea of your own? Email us to get started.

Coming to campus

  • Sit alongside students in a class and add your industry perspective to their discussion
  • Listen to students deliver presentations in their classes and offer constructive feedback on their content or presenting skills
  • Take a student-led tour of one of our buildings: 140 West 62nd Street at Lincoln Center or Hughes Hall at Rose Hill
  • Judge a Gabelli School competition, such as the sophomore Consulting Cup or the Business Ethics Case Competition
  • Have coffee with a faculty member
  • Attend an industry-relevant academic or practitioner conference being held here at Fordham
  • Bring a high-school-age child, sibling, cousin, or other relative to campus to learn about Fordham and the Gabelli School

Internship and job search

  • Become part of a database of alumni whom current students can contact with brief, targeted career-search questions (Note: this program is in “soft launch” and being developed for a larger future roll-out)
  • Attend an industry-specific networking night coordinated by one of our MBA and MS student organizations
  • List an internship or job opportunity at your organization that would welcome applications from Fordham students

Being a presenter

  • Share your knowledge and perspective at an undergraduate or graduate student club meeting
  • Serve as a guest speaker in an undergraduate or graduate class on a topic that you’re very comfortable with
  • Phone into a class for a 30-minute “Analyst Call” on a current industry issue

Sharing your story

  • Meet with high-potential undergraduate or graduate applicants to talk about your Fordham experience (in-person via a Starbucks gift card provided by us, or via Skype!)
  • Welcome current students to your company for a “site visit” to show them around and talk about your firm and your work
  • Host one student at your office in a “Take a Fordham Student to Work Day” setting
  • Answer 5 or 6 brief questions to be profiled in an online alumni “Success Story”
  • Make a 30-second video about your thoughts on Fordham that we can showcase on our website or social media

Enhancing admissions

  • Informally call an admitted student to welcome him or her to the community
  • Attend an admitted-student “send-off” for new Gabelli School students who are coming from other areas of the country
  • Be one of our “ Alumni Admissions Ambassadors” in your city, anywhere around the United States or the world

Assisting with academics

  • Coach or co-coach students who are preparing to represent Fordham at a business academic competition
  • Cheer on a student academic team on the day of a competition

Taking action

  • Help to improve participation among your Fordham class and other alumni
  • Help the Gabelli School or the University as a whole to “answer the big questions” facing Fordham or devise improvements to academic/student life

We are happy to talk to you about any of the options on this list. Email us anytime, and we will connect you with the right person at the Gabelli School who can make it happen.

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If you are looking for additional opportunities to participate in Fordham-wide alumni activities or events, the University’s Forever Fordham site offers a full range of information and benefits to you that we encourage you to check out.