Alumnus/na of Fordham University sitting in class room

Alumni Lifelong Learning - Audit a Course

As a member of the Fordham University alumni community, the Gabelli School of Business offers you an invaluable opportunity to audit classes each semester. No matter what your interest or career trajectory, our courses can help to increase your knowledge in a specific business-related area, provide information on trends across industries, and enhance your résumé.

Special pricing is available at just $450 per class—substantially less than what you would pay if you were taking the course as part of a degree program. Auditing a course affords exposure to top industry experts who impart their knowledge and provide you with immediately applicable skills.

Explore a list of featured courses that might be of particular interest to alumni.

View the complete list of courses being offered this term. Be sure to choose classes with a GBA code and to search by the correct term.

Once you have selected a course or multiple courses, fill out this form and submit for approval to be accepted. Please do this prior to the beginning of the semester.

Questions? We are happy to advise you on your selections and provide additional information.

Email: [email protected]
Call: 212-636-6104