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New York City Summer Internship Program

Summer in the City: May 28 - August 6, 2019

Hiring Undergraduate Students

The Summer in the City New York Internship program assists students in securing eight- to 10-week internship placements for the summer in business, finance, marketing, media, advertising, public relations, art, theater, government, non-profits, human resources, and more.

Housing is available in our Lincoln Center residence hall, which provides convenient access to the Columbus Circle subway station and the southwest corner of Central Park.

Interning in NYC will allow you to ...

  • Jump-start your career. Because New York is a major center of international business and culture, you will gain an edge in competing for jobs in today's ever-changing global economy.
  • Add impact and authority to your résumé. Make valuable connections during your internship, and show future employers that you have experience working in one of the world’s strongest cities.
  • Prepare for leadership. Working with business, media, and cultural achievers in New York will give you the skills that put you on a career track toward becoming a leader yourself. Apply your knowledge.
  • Explore New York City's rich cultural offerings. New York's arts and cultural treasures are as diverse as they are famous. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Broadway theatre district, and the American Museum of Natural History are among the many institutions near Fordham's campus at Lincoln Center. A short subway ride takes you to cutting-edge art galleries in Chelsea and Soho, and ball games at Yankee and Shea stadiums.

This directed 10-week summer program offers...

  • World-class contacts. Students are given access to our database of possible internship sites in business, finance, marketing, media, advertising, public relations, art, theater, government, non-profit, human resources, and more.
  • Career guidance. Students who register and make a deposit by February 15 will be assisted in the process of applying for and securing an internship placement. Students are strongly encouraged to meet our "early bird" of January 15 deadline for a greater selection of opportunities, especially among the more competitive internships, like those in finance.
  • Affordable living space. Participants who live outside the New York City area can stay in McMahon Hall on our Lincoln Center campus (in mid-Manhattan) for less than $35 a night.
  • College credit. A vital part of the internship program is the required four-credit Internship Seminar (SOCI 4900), which allows students to share and compare their experiences as interns and assess their own career goals. The course introduces students to the world of work with an emphasis on leadership development and management skills. The class credits are transferable pending your university's approval.

I am grateful for the education that has been provided to me by both Freedom from Fear and Fordham University. I refer to this summer as a successful synergy because this describes how both institutions provided me with a union of both practical application and philosophical value.

Cassandra, Providence College. Internship: Freedom from Fear

Past internship sites have included nationally and globally recognized companies:

  • A.G. Edwards
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • The Cinema Guild
  • Fitness Magazine
  • The Bank of New York
  • Fox News
  • The Support Center for Non-Profit Management
  • The Donna Karan Company
  • Slam Magazine
  • Columbia Records