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Title Page and Abstract

  1. The title should be descriptive and short. See above for the procedure of titling book reviews and review essays.
  2. The authors’ full name, college, class year, and contact information, including Fordham email address, should appear on the title page. Please make sure that all personally identifying information appears only on the title page. This ensures the integrity of the name-blind review process.
  3. When applicable, a corresponding author should be identified, and his or her contact information (full address and email address) should appear on the title page.
  4. Acknowledgements should also appear on the title page. Acknowledgements should express gratitude to those who made minor contributions or commented on drafts of the paper. Acknowledgements must disclose any funding sources or other sources of support for the project.
  5. On a separate page placed immediately after the title page, please include an abstract of no more than 150 words succinctly describing the research problem, the method for solving the problem, and the findings or conclusions presented. The abstract should briefly summarize the manuscript.