Honor Societies

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Honor societies are organizations for students of high academic achievement and are intended to bring together like-minded individuals with high scholastic standards and similar interests.

Many honor societies invite students to become members based on scholastic rank and grade point averages, either overall, or for classes taken within the discipline for which the honor society provides recognition. In cases where academic achievement is not an exclusively appropriate criterion for membership, it is common for honor societies to add a criterion relating to the character of the student.

Some honor societies are joined by invitation only, while others allow unsolicited applications. Contact each honor society for specifics on membership requirements.

Honor Societies at Fordham College Rose Hil:

Some of the benefits of honor society membership include:

  • Recognition for outstanding academic achievement.
  • Invitations to attend conferences, both local and national.
  • Advantages for competing for additional scholarships and acceptance to graduate or professional programs.
  • Distinction at graduation ceremonies and the privilege of wearing honors regalia at Commencement.
  • Opportunities to expand leadership and organizational skills through activities, events, and projects.
  • Support for your high scholastic standards.