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Faculty Fellowships

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Faculty Fellowships (Summer Stipend, Fall/Spring at Full Salary, Academic Year at Half Salary) are awarded to tenured and non-tenured tenure track faculty in accordance with University Statute 4-05.10.

Eligibility Language Changes to University Statutes Approved by Board of Trustees Spring of 2015

The recipient of a Faculty Fellowship for one or more academic terms will ordinarily be eligible to hold another Faculty Fellowship when that Fellowship begins four years after the end of the semester in which the fellowship was originally awarded.

Fordham University's University Research Council considers the award of a Faculty Fellowship to be a form of University investment in a faculty member's future productivity, and therefore has an expectation that an awarded faculty member both (i) return to Fordham University at the conclusion of the Fellowship period; and (ii) acknowledge his/her receipt of a Fordham Faculty Fellowship in any outcomes that result (e.g., publication).