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CIS Faculty and Administration

Department Chair

Dr. Xiaolan Zhang |
JMH 340B –718-817-4480
LL 610F | 212-636-7925

Graduate Program Directors

MS in Computer Science
Dr. Damian Lyons | JMH 320|

MS in Data Analytics
Dr. Yijun Zhao | LL 610E |

MS in Cybersecurity
Dr. Thaier Hayajneh | JMH 333 |

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies (Rose Hill)
Dr. Daniel Leeds | JMH 332 |

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies (Lincoln Center)
Dr. Arthur Werschulz | LL 610D |

Department Staff

Department Administrator
Palma A. Sisca | JMH 340 - LL 610G |

System Administrator
Robert Kudyba | JMH 329 | 718-817-4493|

Rose Hill Center Secretary
Alexandra Medure | JMH 340 | 718-817-4480 |

Lincoln Center Secretary
Eliane A. Victoria | LL 813 | 718-636-6310 |

Full-Time Faculty

Habib M. Ammari

Founding Director, Wireless Sensor and Mobile Ad-hoc Network Applied Cryptography Engineering (WiSeMAN-ACE) Research Lab
Profile Page
Degree: PhD (CS), Faculty of Sciences of Tunis; PhD (CSE), University of Texas at Arlington

Office: JMH 336 (RH)
Phone: 718-817-4481

Research Areas: Wireless sensor networks, applied cryptography, cybersecurity, physical security, computational geometry.

Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan

Assistant Professor
Director, Fordham Dependable and Secure System Research and Education Lab
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Office: JMH 334 (RH)
Phone: 718-817-0582

Research Areas: Dependability, Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Internet of Things

Henry Han

Associate Professor
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Degree: PhD, Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences, University of Iowa, 2004
Office: LL 610A (LC)
Phone: 212-636-6213
Research Area(s): Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Systems Biology, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistical Learning, High-performance Computing and Financial Engineering.

Julie Harazduk

Office: JMH 338 (RH)
E-mail: jharazduk(at)

Thaier Hayajneh

University Professor
Founder Director, Fordham Center of Cybersecurity
Program Director, MS in Cybersecurity
Director of Cybersecurity Research and Education lab

Profile Page
Degree: PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Office: LL 616A (LC)
Phone: 212-636-7785
Research Area(s): Applied Cryptography, Network Security and Privacy

Frank Hsu

Clavius Distinguished Professor of Science and Professor of Computer and Information Science
Profile Page
Degree: PhD, University of Michigan
Office: JMH 402A (RH)
Phone: 718-817-4483
Research Area(s): Interconnection networks for massively parallel computer systems, communication networks and VLSI designs, parallel algorithms and architectures, telecommunication network design and optimization, graph theory and combinatorial problems.

Nikitas Kounavelis

Email: nkounavelis (at)
Office: JMH 333 (RH)
Profile Page

Daniel Leeds

Assistant Professor
Profile Page
Degree: PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
Office: JMH 332 (RH)
Phone: 718-817-5196
Research Area(s): Computational principles of perception, statistical analysis of brain data, computer vision, machine learning

Yanjun Li

Associate Professor
Profile Page
Degree: PhD, Wright State University
Office: JMH 402B (RH)
Phone: 718-817-0505
Research Area(s): Text Mining, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Ontology, Information Retrieval, Bioinformatics Analysis, Parallel and Distributed Computing

Zigeng Liu

Email:  zliu699 (at )
Office: JMH 328D (RH)
Phone: 718-817-4482
Research Areas: Expert on design of robust supply chain networks, pricing in supply chains and supply chain competition.

Damian Lyons

Director of the MS Program in Data Analytics
Profile Page
Degree: PhD, University of Massachusetts
Office: JMH 320 (RH)
Phone: 718-817-4485
Research Area(s): Target tracking and behavior recognition in Automated Video Surveillance and in Camera-based User Interfaces. Computer vision for Virtual and Augmented Reality Interfaces. Formal analysis of behavior for robotic systems operating in unstructured environments. Integration of planning and reaction in robotic systems.

Ying Mao

Assistant Professor
Profile Page
Degree: Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Boston
Email: ymao41 (at)
Office: JMH 328A
Phone: 718-817-5149
Research Area(s): cloud computing, virtualization, resource management for machine learning algorithms, data-intensive systems, high-performance computing.

Robert K. Moniot

Associate Dean, Lincoln Center
Profile Page
Degree: PhD (Physics), University of California, Berkeley; MS (Computer Science), New York University
Office: LL 821-A (LC)
Phone: 212-636-6302
Research Area(s): Accelerator-based mass spectrometry of radioisotopes, applied to archeology, geophysics and meteoritics. Scale-space and equation-error minimization approaches to problems in image reconstruction and solution of partial differential equations. Analysis of computer ethics issues.

Tadeusz Strzemecki

Assistant Professor
Profile Page
Degree: PhD, Stevens Institute of Technology
Office: LL 610-B (LC)
Phone: 212-636-6332
Research Area(s): Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Complexity of Algorithms, Theory of Computation.

Karen Trovato

Profile Page
Email: ktrovato( at )
Office: JMH 338 (RH)

David S. L. Wei

Profile Page
Degree: PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Office: JMH 328 (RH)
Phone: 718-817-4497
Research Area(s): Parallel and Distributed Computing, Mobile Computing, and Networking.

Gary M. Weiss

Associate Professor in Computer Science
Profile Page
Degree: PhD, Rutgers University
Office: JMH 308A (RH)
Phone: 718-817-0785/5280
Research Area(s): Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Mining.

Arthur G. Werschulz

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
Profile Page
Degree: PhD, Carnegie-Mellon University
Office: LL 610-D (LC)
Phone: 212-636-6325
Research Area(s): information-based complexity (the complexity of partial differential equations and integral equations).

Lawrence Wolk

Email: wolk (at)
Office:  LL 610C
Profile Page

Xiaolan Zhang

Chair & Associate Professor
Profile Page
Degree: PhD, University of Massachusetts, 2007
Office: JMH 340A (RH)
Phone: 718-817-4484
Research Area(s): computer networks and distributed systems.

Yijun Zhao

Assistant Professor and Program Director of M.S. Data Analytics (MSDA)
Profile Page
Degree: PhD, Tufts University
Office: LL 610E
Phone: 212-636-7816
Research Areas: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Statistical Pattern Recognition, Algorithms

Lisha Zhou

E-mail: lzhou42(at)
Office: LL 610C/JMH333
JMH Phone: 718-817-2460

Adjunct and Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Part-Time Faculty

Paolina Centonze
Email: pcentonze (at)
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Dr. Paolina Centonze is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department of Iona College since August 2011. Her areas of research include language-based security and mobile computing. At Iona College, she has been responsible for extending the Computer Science curricula into the field of Cyber Security. Dr. Centonze is currently leading the effort for of the National Security Agency (NSA) Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations (CAE-CO) accreditation for the Cyber Security programs at Iona College. Dr. Centonze before joining Iona College worked for five years at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, NY, as a software research engineer. In the Summer of 2015, Dr. Centonze started to teach at Fordham University as an Adjunct Professor. She teaches CISC 6800 (Malware Analytics) course for the Cyber Security program in the Computer and Information Science department.

Dr. Centonze has published extensively at numerous conferences worldwide, such as ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA), European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP), Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM), ACM/IEEE International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems (MOBILESoft), Mobile Development Life Cycle (MobileDeLi). Dr. Centonze is also the author of one book chapter in the area of cloud and mobile security, which will appear in 2016 in books published by John Wiley & Sons. She is also the inventor of 10 patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Dr. Centonze received her PhD in Mathematics and MS degree in Computer Science from New York University (NYU) Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn, NY, and her BS degree in Computer Science from St. John's University in Queens, NY.


Anthony Duhaime Candeias
Email: aduhaimecandeias (at)
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Anthony is a Bronx native who has a passion for technology and information security. His specialty is in the attack life cycle of advanced persistent threats. He currently holds the position of Information Security Manager at the Ford Foundation. The Ford Foundation is an international non-profit which operates in 11 different countries and manages an endowment of 12 billion dollars. Anthony has held a number of positions in the Ford Foundation since joining in 2010. During this time, he has worked closely with the FBI and DHS investigating advanced persistent threats. Now he is responsible for the day to day Security Operations, Incident response and penetration testing of the organization.

He has worked across a various number of industries providing information technology and security services. Anthony has previously worked for Goldman Sachs, Fordham University and New York City Department of Education.

During his time as an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University he has taught the following courses: Cyber Security and Applications, Network Essentials and is currently developing the course material for Penetration testing.

Anthony received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Management and a Master’s of Science in Cyber Security from Fordham University. He is certified in a number of different technologies and vendors. Holding over 14 certifications most notability the prestigious certifications of:  CISSP, CISSP-ISSMP, CCNP Security, MCSE, CEH and GMON. He received his first certification as a CompTIA A+ certified IT technician at 16-years-old.


Dino Cataldo Dell'Accio
Email: cdellaccio1 (at)
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Chief ICT Auditor of the United Nations since 2007, responsible for the development and world-wide implementation of the global ICT audit strategy of the Organization, including

the preparation of risk based audit plans and testing programs for the conduct of cybersecurity assessments at Headquarters, Regional Offices, International Criminal Tribunals,

Peacekeeping Missions, Pension Fund, and Investment Management Division.

Previously served as Information Security Officer of the United Nations Secretariat, involved in the formal certification of the Organization in accordance with international information security management standard (i.e., ISO 27001).

His areas of expertise include the governance of cybersecurity management systems; data privacy impact assessments; data loss prevention measures; vulnerability assessments; threat analysis; and cybersecurity risk assessments.

He holds several professional certifications in cybersecurity related areas.

James Doyle
Email: jdoyle26 (at)
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

James Doyle is a highly successful, well respected cyber-security, investigations, and risk management executive leader. He has been a member of Deloitte’s Cyber Risk practice and has been involved in assisting clients with their assessment and solutions for their cybersecurity posture. At Prudential Financial as its VP and Global Head of the Corporate Investigations Division, Jim led a number of the company’s worldwide programs including insurance fraud investigations, internal fraud and misconduct, broker dealer and sales practice compliance, cybercrime, privacy and data breaches, intellectual property theft, and litigation eDiscovery. Prior to Prudential, he served as Senior Director of Guidance Software’s Professional Services Division in New York where he developed, implemented the company's critical response, cybercrime and litigation support services for clients domestically and internationally. Prior to Guidance, James served 21 years with the Police Department of the City of New York and retired from as a Detective Supervisor (Sergeant) of the NYPD Computer Investigations and Technology Unit, one of the most innovative and successful computer crime units in the nation, and he was one of the founding members of that unit. James currently teaches in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Fordham University in the Master’s program for Cybersecurity. James received his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Fordham University.

Stephen Flatley
Email: sflatley1 (at)
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Stephen R. Flatley is a Senior FBI Forensic examiner with over 11 years of experience in Computer Forensics and over 25 years of general computer experience. He is currently the CART Coordinator for the New York Division of the FBI. He is FBI certified in Wintel, Mac, and cell phone forensics, has testified multiple times in support of cases in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. He has been on foreign deployments to The Caribbean, Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, and the Middle East. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University in the Computer Science Department.

Ravi Tanikella
Email: rtanikella (at)
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Ravi Tanikella is a Senior Manager in the Advanced Security Center of the EY’s Americas National Advisory Practice and leads the Vulnerability Identification pillar of Ernst & Young’s Financial Services Organization Security practice in the Americas. This team advises EY’s Financial Sector clients on Threat Intelligence, Attack and Penetration, Attack Detection, Incident Response, Strategic Countermeasure Planning, and Vulnerability Management. Ravi has over 20 years in information technology and has 10 years of focused experience in establishing, managing and executing information security services in the areas of security program management, enterprise infrastructure security, vulnerability identification and management, and SOC operations. He is proficient in planning and delivering large-scale cross functional strategic security initiatives and is technically well versed.

Ravi brings a strong technical background with extensive hands-on experience and has a demonstrated ability to work on both strategic program initiatives and tactical solution design. He is able to translate between technical issues and business risks to facilitate executive level understanding and support for enhancing security posture.


Tanweer Akram
Email: takram( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Robert Alpert
Email: alpert( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Josephine Brenda Altzman
Email: jaltzman( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Silvio Balzano
Email: sbalzano( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Alim Buksh
Email: abuksh( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Kenneth Cavanagh
Email: kcavanagh1( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

George Chan
Email: gchan4( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Zecheng Chang
Email: zhang( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Zhixiong Chen
Email: zchen74( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Jose Deleon
Email: deleon( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Jeremy Drysdale
Email: drysdale( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Wael Hibri
Email: hibri( at )
Office: JMH 308B (RH)

Zhou Ji
Email: zji( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Michael Kadri
Email: mkadri1( at )

Fawad Khan
Email: fkhan36( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Michael Konefal
Email: mkonefal1( @ )

Ruta Kruliauskaite
Email: rkruliauskaite ( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Rebecca Leopold
Email: rleopold ( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Vincent R. Mierlak
E-mail: vmierlak( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Tsung-Ming Liu
Email:  tliu17( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Lucie Mingla
Email:  lmingla( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Kevin Muller
Email: kemuller( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Kazi Obaidullah
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Subramaniam Palamadai
Email: spalamadai( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Luigi Patruno
Email: lpatruno( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Marco Pistoia
Email: mpistoia( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Rolf Ryham
Email: rryham( @ )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Erik Schomburg 
Email: eschomberg( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Marlon Seaton
Email: mseaton( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Kanchan Thaokar
Email: kthaokar( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Roger Tsai
Email: tsai( at )
Office: JMH 340 (RH)

Carlos Zena
Office: JMH 340 (RH)