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Traditio 69 (2014)

INHAT, K. “Early Evidence for the Cult of Anne in Twelfth-Century England.” TR 69 (2014): 1–44.

POHL, B. “Abbas qui et scriptor? The Handwriting of Robert of Torigni and His Scribal Activity as Abbot of Mont-Saint-Michel (1154–1186).” TR 69 (2014): 45–86.

KRAEBEL, A. B. “Middle English Gospel Glosses and the Translation of Exegetical Authority.” TR 69 (2014): 87–124.

WOLF, K. “Somatic Semiotics: Emotion and the Human Face in the Sagas and þættir of Icelanders.” TR 69 (2014): 125–146.

HAYS, G. “A Poem by Guarino on Leonello of Ferrara.” TR 69 (2014): 147–152.

MINNEMA, A. “Algazel Latinus: The Audience of the Summa theoricae philosophiae, 1150–1600” TR 69 (2014): 153–215.

Traditio 68 (2013)

BURGESS, R. W. “The Date, Purpose, and Historical Context of the Original Greek and the Latin Translation of the So-called Excerpta Latina Barbari.” TR 68 (2013): 1–56.

ROSE, E. “Virtutes apostolorum: Origin, Aim, and Use.” TR 68 (2013): 57–96.

CHIU, H., and D. JUSTE. “The De tonitruis Attributed to Bede: An Early Medieval Treatise on Divination by Thunder Translated from Irish.” TR 68 (2013): 97–124.

RITARI, K. “The Irish Eschatological Tale The Two Deaths and Its Sources.” TR 68 (2013): 125–51.

FOREY, A. J. “Western Converts to Islam (Later Eleventh to Later Fifteenth Centuries).” TR 68 (2013): 153–231.

BLACK, W. “William of Auvergne on the Dangers of Paradise: Biblical Exegesis between Natural Philosophy and Anti-Islamic Polemic.” TR 68 (2013): 233–58.

STUTZ, D. D. “Papal Legates against the Albigensians: The Debts of the Church of Valence (1215–1250)” TR 68 (2013): 259–76.

MOUREAU, S. “Elixir atque fermentum: New Investigations about the Link between Pseudo-Avicenna’s Alchemical De anima and Roger Bacon: Alchemical and Medical Doctrines.” TR 68 (2013): 277–325.

FEBERT, H. L. “The Poor Sisters of Söflingen: Religious Corporations as Property Litigants, 1310–1317.” TR 68 (2013): 327–433.

Traditio 67 (2012)

DONATO, A. "Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy and the Greco-Roman Consolatory Tradition." TR 67 (2012): 1–42.

SHULER, E. "Caesarius of Arles and the Development of the Ecclesiastical Tithe: From a Theology of Almsgiving to Practical Obligations." TR 67 (2012): 43–70.

PONESSE, M. "Standing Distant from the Fathers: Smaragdus of Saint-Mihiel and the Reception of Early Medieval Learning." TR 67 (2012): 71–100.

ALBERTSON, D. "Achard of St. Victor (d. 1171) and the Eclipse of the Arithmetic Model of the Trinity." TR 67 (2012): 101–44.

JONES, E. A. "Rites of Enclosure: The English Ordines for the Enclosing of Anchorites, S. XXII – S. XVI." TR 67 (2012): 145–234.

OBRIST, B. "Twelfth-century Cosmography, the De secretis philosophie, and Masha'allah (Attr. to), Liber de Orbe." TR 67 (2012): 235–76.

CRAUN, E. D. "Aristotle's Biology and Pastoral Ethics: John of Wales's De lingua and British Pastoral Writing on the Tongue." TR 67 (2012): 277–304.

GONZÁLEZ MANJARRÉS, M. Á. "La rise en la fisiognomía antigua y medieval." TR 67 (2012): 305–40.

MANTELLO, F. A. C., AND J. GOERING. "Robert Grosseteste's Quoniam Cogitatio, A Treatise on Confession." TR 67 (2012): 341–84.

JOHNSON, H. "The Divine Dinner Party: Domestic Imagery and Easter Preaching in Late Medieval England." TR 67 (2012): 385–415.

Traditio 66 (2011)

SANTAMARÍA HERNÁNDEZ, M. T. "El capítulo De Vulture del Liber medicinae ex animalibus de Sexto Plácido: Relación con la zooterapia hermética y propuestas de enmienda al texto." TR 66 (2011): 1–26.

PICK, L. K. "Liturgical Renewal in Two Eleventh-Century Royal Spanish Prayerbooks." TR 66 (2011): 27–66.

NORTON, M. L., AND A. J. CARR. "Liturgical Manuscripts, Liturgical Practice, and the Women of Klosterneuburg." TR 66 (2011): 67–170.

YEAGER, S. "The South English Legendary 'Life of St. Egwine': An Edition." TR 66 (2011): 171–88.

DZON, M. "Jesus and the Birds in Medieval Abrahamic Traditions." TR 66 (2011): 189–230.

HOBBINS, D. "A Rediscovered Work of Jean Gerson on a Spiritual Classic: Admonitio super librum qui dicitur Clymachus de xxx gradibus perfectionis (ca. 1396–1400)." TR 66 (2011): 231–66.

HERNÁNDEZ LOBATO, J. "La recepción de Sidonio Apolinar en los albores del Humanismo: Petrarca y Salutati como intérpretes y transmisores de la cultura tardoantigua." TR 66 (2011): 267–306.

Traditio 65 (2010)

O’LOUGHLIN, T. “Harmonizing the Truth: Eusebius and the Problem of the Four Gospels.” TR 65 (2010): 1–29.

SVENSSON, M. “¿Adiaphora en San Agustín?” TR 65 (2010): 31–46.

VANDERPUTTEN, S., AND B. MEIJNS. “Realities of Reformist Leadership in Early Eleventh-Century Flanders: The Case of Leduin, Abbot of Saint-Vaast.” TR 65 (2010): 47–74.

SKEMER, D. C. “Armis Gunfe: Remembering Egyptian Days.” TR 65 (2010): 75–106.

MESLER, K. “The Epistle of Merlin on the Popes: A New Source on the Late Medieval Notion of the Angel Pope.” TR 65 (2010): 107–76.

PONTANI, F. “The World on a Fingernail: An Unknown Byzantine Map, Planudes, and Ptolemy.” TR 65 (2010): 177–200.

WEILL-PAROT, N. “Astrology, Astral Influences, and Occult Properties in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries.” TR 65 (2010): 201–30.

FRAZIER, A. “A Layman’s Life of St. Augustine in Late Medieval Italy: Patronage and Polemic.” TR 65 (2010): 231–86.

Traditio 64 (2009)

AMT, E. “Ela Longespee’s Roll of Benefits: Piety and Reciprocity in the Thirteenth Century.” TR 64 (2009): 1–56.

BOYNTON, S. “A Monastic Death Ritual from the Imperial Abbey of Farfa.” TR 64 (2009): 57–84.

FERRACES RODRÍGUEZ, A. “Ad profluvia sanguinis remedia tria: Un texto sobre las propiedades hemostáticas y enmenagogas del moral y del puerro.” TR 64 (2009): 85–103.

FLORIO, R. “Discere-Docere: Tertuliano y Alcuino frente a la paideia oficial.” TR 64 (2009): 105–38.

FREDBORG, K. M. “Petrus Helias’s Summa on Cicero’s De inventione.” TR 64 (2009): 139–82.

GUNDACKER, J. “Absolutions and Acts of Disobedience: Excommunication and Society in Fourteenth-Century Armagh.” TR 64 (2009): 183–212.

TESKE, R. J. “Henry of Ghent on Anselm’s Proslogion Argument.” TR 64 (2009): 213–28.

VAN DER LUGT, M. “‘Abominable Mixtures’: The Liber vaccae in the Medieval West, or The Dangers and Attractions of Natural Magic.” TR 64 (2009): 229–77.

WEI, J. “Gratian and the School of Laon.” TR 64 (2009): 279–322.

Traditio 63 (2008)

KOVAČIĆ, F. “Intensität der Elementarqualitäten nach Galen.” TR 63 (2008): 1–45.

DEMPSEY, G. T. “Aldhelm of Malmesbury and High Ecclesiasticism in a Barbarian Kingdom.” TR 63 (2008): 47–88.

DOWNEY, S. “Too Much of Too Little: Guthlac and the Temptation of Excessive Fasting.” TR 63 (2008): 89–127.

KNIBBS, E. “The Manuscript Evidence for the De octo quaestionibus Ascribed to Bede.” TR 63 (2008): 129–83.

GWARA, S. “The Foreign Beowulf and the ‘Fight at Finnsburg.’” TR 63 (2008): 185–233.

HAMMER, C. I. “‘Pipinus Rex’: Pippin’s Plot of 792 and Bavaria.” TR 63 (2008): 235–76.

ERISMANN, C. “The Trinity, Universals, and Particular Substances: Philoponus and Roscelin.” TR 63 (2008): 277–305.

PETERSON, J. L. “The Politics of Sanctity in Thirteenth-Century Ferrara.” TR 63 (2008): 307–26.

GIRALT, S. “Proprietas: Las propiedades ocultas según Arnau de Vilanova.” TR 63 (2008): 327–60.

Traditio 62 (2007)

Whalen, B. “Rethinking the Schism of 1054: Authority, Heresy, and the Latin Rite.” TR 62 (2007): 1–24.

Staley, L. “Susanna and English Communities.” TR 62 (2007): 25–58.

Von Perger, M. “Walter Burley, Quid sit subiectum scientiae naturalis: Eine Edition von Quaestiones super Librum physicorum, q. 2, und von Expositio vetus cum quaestionibus super Librum physicorum, q. 1.1.” TR 62 (2007): 59–81.

Furnish, S. “Thematic Structure and Symbolic Motif in the Middle English Breton Lays.” TR 62 (2007): 83–118.

Morey, J. H. “Chaucer, the ‘corones tweyne,’ and the Eve of Saint Agnes.” TR 62 (2007): 119–33.

Curley, M. J. “The Miracles of Saint David: A New Text and Its Context.” TR 62 (2007): 135–205.

Carlson, D. R. “Gower on Henry IV’s Rule: The Endings of the Cronica Tripertita and Its Texts.” TR 62 (2007): 207–36.

Berger, H. “Ein bemerkenswerter spätmittelalterlicher Codex zur Philosophie, Astronomie und Medizin: Mainz, Stadtbibliothek, HS 1613.” TR 62 (2007): 237–58.

Tracy, L. “The Middle English Life of Saint Dorothy in Trinity College, Dublin MS 319: Origins, Parallels, and Its Relationship to Osbern Bokenham’s Legendys of Hooly Wummen.” TR 62 (2007): 259–84.

Tubau, X. “Los sentidos internos en la prosa medieval castellana (a propósito de Alfonso el Sabio y Juan de Mena).” TR 62 (2007): 285–316.

Fortuna, S. “The Prefaces to the First Humanist Medical Translations.” TR 62 (2007): 317–35.

Traditio 61 (2006)

FORTUNA, S., and A. RAIA. “Corrigenda and Addenda to Diels’ Galenica by Richard J. Durling: III. Manuscripts and Editions.” TR 61 (2006): 1–30.

CHRISTESEN, P., and Z. MARTIROSOVA-TORLONE. “The Olympic Victor List of Eusebius: Background, Text, and Translation.” TR 61 (2006): 31–93.

JOLLY, K. L. “Prayers from the Field: Practical Protection and Demonic Defense in Anglo-Saxon England.” TR 61 (2006): 95–147.

CLARK, J. R. “Anonymous on Alchemy, Aristotle, and Creation: An Unedited Thirteenth-Century Text.” TR 61 (2006): 149–66.

ESTÉVEZ SOLA, J. A. “Fuentes Menores del Chronicon Mundi de Lucas de Yuy y un Apéndice de Pedro Coméstor.” TR 61 (2006): 167–93.

LERNER, R. E., and C. MOREROD. “The Vision of ‘John, Hermit of the Asturias’: Lucas of Tuy, Apostolic Religion, and Eschatological Expectation.” TR 61 (2006): 195–225.

TESKE, R. J. “Distinctions in the Metaphysics of Henry of Ghent.” TR 61 (2006): 227–45.

STONE, M. W. F. “Adrian of Utrecht and the University of Louvain: Theology and the Discussion of Moral Problems in the Late Fifteenth Century.” TR 61 (2006): 247–87.*

* The article by M. W. F. Stone, entitled “Adrian of Utrecht and the University of Louvain: Theology and the Discussion of Moral Problems in the Late Fifteenth Century,” published in Traditio 61 (2006), 247–87, has been reported as containing plagiarized material.