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Master of Science in Computer Science

Make Your Digital Mark

CIS- 2 Students working

Blending the analytical, practical, and theoretical, Fordham’s master’s degree program in computer science provides both a comprehensive foundation and the specialized skills to seek out creative solutions in a fast-paced technological age.

Our program, which attracts students from all over the world, offers small class sizes and the opportunity to work closely with our faculty. You’ll also benefit from studying in New York City, a high-tech hub where career opportunities abound.

The course offerings span all areas of computer science. In-depth study is available in several areas:

  • Data Science offers an in-depth understanding of how to decipher and extract value from the phenomenal growth in data
  • Cybersecurity emphasizes cyber defense skills, including detection, prevention, and recovery, and includes courses in data mining, machine learning, big data programming, and cognitive computing
  • Software Engineering and Systems focuses on programming languages and software design, database systems, and artificial intelligence
  • Data Communications and Networks explores areas such as mobile and wireless networks as well as more traditional computer networks

Whether you’re a working professional interested in upgrading your skills or looking to change careers, our master’s degree program will give you a deep understanding of all aspects of computer science.

If you’re drawn to big data or fascinated by cybersecurity issues, then take a moment to learn more about our Master of Science in Data Science and our Master of Science in Cybersecurity programs.

The M.S. in Computer Science is a registered STEM designated program, which permits a 24-month extension of post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT), for a total eligibility of up to 36 months. Please consult Fordham’s STEM Extension page for more information.

Program Highlights

  • Open to students without an undergraduate degree in computer science (bridge courses available)
  • Evening classes available to accommodate working professionals
  • Chance to conduct research in one of our faculty labs
  • Grounding in ethical issues and social responsibilities

Program Basics

  • Curriculum requires 10 courses for a total of 30 credits
  • Designed as a three-to-four semester program for full-time students
  • Part-time study available
  • Master’s thesis optional


  • Software engineer
  • Systems specialist
  • Database administrator
  • IT consultant
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Data analytics specialist