Ignatian Colleagues Program


The Ignatian Colleagues Program (ICP) is a national program of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) designed to educate and form administrators and faculty more deeply in the Jesuit & Catholic tradition of higher education. The goal of our program is to provide a solid intellectual foundation as well as opportunities for participants to personally experience and appropriate their significance so they may better articulate, adapt, and advance the Jesuit & Catholic mission of their campuses.  



Senior Administrative or Faculty Leaders with wide institutional influence and are committed to the mission of Fordham as a Jesuit, Catholic institution. 

ICP Participants

    • 2023
      • Jose Luis Alvarado, Dean, Graduate School of Education
      • Anand Padmanabhan, Vice President of IT and CIO
      • Kay Turner, Vice President of Human Resources
    • 2019
      • Eve Keller, Professor of English
      • Roger Milici, Vice President for Development and University Relations
    • 2018
      • Roxana Callejo Garcia, Associate Vice President for Strategy and Innovation, IT
      • Maura Mast, Dean, Fordham College at Rose Hill
    • 2016
      • Nancy Busch Rossnagel, Former Dean and Professor of Psychology, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Rose Hill 
      • James McCartin, Associate Professor of Theology

The Ignatian Colleagues Program gives AJCU members the opportunity to consider and discuss the traditions, aspirations, and challenges of Jesuit-based higher education in the 21st century. As a long-time faculty member at Fordham, I particularly enjoyed meeting and learning from colleagues working in areas of their universities that differ from mine: scholars and public safety officers and student affairs vice presidents and nursing school deans, all with different understandings of Jesuit mission and different perspectives on how to realize that mission in their work, but all brought together in a common interest in doing so. Plus, there's a good deal of conviviality on offer at the many dinners and after-hours socials that are part of the program. In all, it was an excellent experience that I'd recommend to anyone interested in thinking about their work in relation to the Jesuit mission of our school.

- Eve Keller, Professor of English